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Is there any flooding in Maidenhead?

Is there any flooding in Maidenhead?

There are no flood warnings or alerts in this area.

When did Maidenhead last flood?

March 2017 marks the 70th anniversary of the infamous Thames Valley floods of March 1947. The event is currently (February 2017-April 2017) being marked by an exhibition FLOOD! at the Maidenhead Heritage Centre.

How is the Jubilee River in Maidenhead sustainable?

The Jubilee River reduces flood risk to properties by increasing the total flood capacity of the channels flowing through the area. While it does not protect communities downstream of the scheme, it operates so that flood levels downstream are not adversely affected.

Is Purley on Thames flooded?

Purley on Thames has also been affected by flooding. River levels have risen due to heavy rains.

Does Windsor flood?

Surrounded on three of four sides by large bodies of water, the Windsor and Essex County region has experienced various types of flood emergencies in the recent past. Flood damage costs Canadian taxpayers millions of dollars annually and is also a threat to our lives and families.

Does Bray flood?

In 1984, Bray was badly flooded during Hurricane Charlie. It caused catastrophic damage to homes in the area, and the army had to be called in rescue some residents. When Pizarro went bust, the work on the new flood scheme stalled. Eventually, the government had to step in to complete the flood defence works.

What caused the River Thames to flood 1947?

Records have been kept of its water levels since 1893. In January 1947, the country—particularly the southeast—had been hit by blizzards, which were severe enough to freeze the upper reaches of the River Thames.

What are the disadvantages of the Jubilee River?


  • Can be very expensive if constructed across high-value land (e.g. Jubilee River at Maidenhead cost £110 million).
  • Regular maintenance is required to retain channel efficiency- this can be expensive.
  • Habitats may be disturbed.
  • If concrete is used, they can look unnatural and unattractive.

How many people have died in Jubilee River?

A number of people have sadly died at the Jubilee River. 20-year-old Michael Scaife died n August 2015, after going in the water to help a friend. Two further deaths sadly happened three years later including 17-year-old Dajarn Daly and Nayeeb Ullah Naizai.

Is Marlow flooded today?

When was the last time Windsor flooded?

During the night of 28 to 29 September, 2016, heavy rain inundated Windsor, Tecumseh, Leamington, and Essex County in southwestern Ontario.

Is Windsor a flood plain?

There are three main floodplains in the Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley linked by the river. They are the Wallacia, Penrith/Emu Plains and the Richmond/Windsor floodplains.

Where are the flood alerts in place on the River Thames?

Flood alerts are in place on the River Thames from Maidenhead to Windsor and Eton. The alert is also in place from Hurley to Cookham, and Datchet to Shepperton Green, following ‘Storm Christoph’.

Is there a flood warning in the Royal Borough of Windsor?

Warnings of potential flooding in the Royal Borough area have been given after a period of sustained rainfall, and a snow and ice warning has been issued for parts of the South east. Flood alerts are in place on the River Thames from Maidenhead to Windsor and Eton.

Which flood defence has been operated on the River Thames?

A flood defence has been operated on the River Thames as water levels rise in the Royal Borough area. The Environment Agency (EA) says that the Jubilee River flood defence has been operated, adding it has made ‘two gate movements’.

Is there a flood warning for Horton and Wraysbury?

A flood warning, where flooding is ‘expected’, has also been issued for Horton and Wraysbury today (Friday) in the Colne Brook catchment area. “Heavy rain has been falling in the Colne Brook catchment and further rainfall is forecast overnight Friday and into Saturday,” the alert added.