Is Weaverville California Safe?

Is Weaverville California Safe?

Is Weaverville, CA Safe? The D+ grade means the rate of crime is higher than the average US city. Weaverville is in the 23rd percentile for safety, meaning 77% of cities are safer and 23% of cities are more dangerous.

What is Trinity County California known for?

Notable features include South Fork Mountain, the Mad River, the Van Duzen River, Ruth Lake, Ruth Valley, Kettenpom Valley, and Hoaglin Valley. The county hosts many visitors, especially during summer months, for camping, backpacking, boating on the lakes, rafting/kayaking on the rivers, hunting, and fishing.

What county is Weaverville?

Trinity CountyWeaverville / County
Weaverville and Trinity County Weaverville Is located in Trinity County of Northern California and nestled at the foot of the beautiful Trinity Alps Wilderness.

What county is Lewiston CA?

Trinity CountyLewiston / County

Whats it like to live in Weaverville CA?

Living in Weaverville offers residents a sparse suburban feel and most residents own their homes. In Weaverville there are a lot of bars, restaurants, and coffee shops. Many retirees live in Weaverville and residents tend to lean conservative. The public schools in Weaverville are above average.

When was Weaverville CA founded?

Founded in 1850, Weaverville is a historic California Gold Rush town.

How many plants can you grow in Trinity County?

Currently, the cultivation licenses available within Trinity County are as follows: Type 1 for outdoor cultivation up to 5,000 sq. ft. or 50 plants; Type 1B for mixed-light cultivation up to 5,000 sq.

How many Trinity colleges are there?

Each faculty is headed by a dean (there is also a Dean of Postgraduate Studies), and faculties are divided into schools, of which there were 24 as of 2021.

How did Weaverville California get its name?

1850 – Summer. Founding of Weaverville, California. Named after a Mr. Weaver.

Why is Weaverville called Weaverville?

Chartered in 1875 and named for Michael Montraville Weaver who gave the land for the town, Weaverville sits along the Dry Ridge (named by the Indians for its relatively arid conditions). The Treaty of Holston signed in 1786 cleared the way for settlers to move into the area.

What is the elevation of Weaverville CA?

2,051′Weaverville / Elevation

Does it snow in Lewiston CA?

The snowy period of the year lasts for 4.5 months, from November 14 to March 30, with a sliding 31-day snowfall of at least 1.0 inches. The month with the most snow in Lewiston is December, with an average snowfall of 5.6 inches. The snowless period of the year lasts for 7.5 months, from March 30 to November 14.

What happened in Weaverville?

California Highway Patrol investigators are looking for the driver of a vehicle which reportedly left the scene after hitting and injuring a male subject in Weaverville Sunday, Dec. 12. According to CHP reports, Eric Croft, 54, of Weaverville sustained major injuries to his head and legs.

What happened to Eric Croft of Weaverville?

According to CHP reports, Eric Croft, 54, of Weaverville sustained major injuries to his head and legs. He… Read more Law enforcement, fire, rescue and medical personnel spent the day Sunday in the CVS parking lot collecting toys, gifts and funds for kids this holiday season.

What’s that orange smoke in Weaverville?

Orange skies due to smoke from the River Complex, McFarland Fire, and closest, the Monument Fire, seen from the ‘Welcome to Weaverville’ sign on August 16, 2021. (KRCR Photographer // Adam McAllister) {/p} TRINITY COUNTY, Calif.

What is the Weaverville Art Walk?

The Art Walk, from 5 to 8 p.m. the first Saturday of every month in historic downtown Weaverville, provides art galleries, specialty shops, and eateries an opportunity to invite the community in “after hours” to enjoy unique hand-crafted art and jewelry, meet the artists, while enjoying refr… Read more