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Popular music downloading apps on the Android platform

Popular music downloading apps on the Android platform

YouTube is one of the popular apps that allow you to view and share in terms of audio and video content. For educational content and video blogging you can rely on this platform. Of late it is possible to share YouTube videos at a specific time.

But Google is not going to allow you to download videos from YouTube to Android platform directly as they consider it invasion of privacy. For steaming music if YouTube is your main source as you do not want to spend extra bucks then you have to take matter in your own hands. With a single app you can download all the videos or music from YouTube to Android platform at a single go.


  • Bulk downloads are allowed as it is possible to download YouTube music on to Android when you are browsing at the same time. This app goes on to support all formats and resolutions. In addition it can go on to support a host of websites
  • Without ads you avail the displays as whenever you play or download the music the annoying ads are not going to be turning up

Droid YouTube downloader

  • Multiple downloads as various pieces of music can be downloaded at the same time
  • It is possible to download video or audio as the downloaded music is not only of high quality
  • When you are listening or download music or videos the annoying ads are not going to be a cause of worry

Perhaps the only drawback of this app is that it supports downloading from YouTube on your Android phone.


  • Fosters multiple downloads as the app is going to preserve the original quality of your YouTube music and allows multiple downloads at the same time
  • Saved in the form of videos or music. All the downloaded files can be saved as music or videos to accomplish your certain needs

This app supports only a single website and this applies to YouTube. So you can download videos or music files from this platform only. Even the ads are not going to leave you as the moment you install this app they are going to be with you.

YouTube song downloader

  • Supports a host of websites
  • It is possible to download YouTube music on to your Android phone as per you desires
  • Once you install this app you can go on to browse and download videos as per your choice

A loophole of this app is that only audio tracks are downloaded. This is saved as an audio track in terms of YouTube music on your Android phone. Even a single downloading facility is available at a time. Just click on your favourite music and press the download option


A popular app that has gone on to climb the popularity charts within a short passage of time. The best part about this app is that you can choose the file format and type of file you are looking to install. Gone are the days where internet connection was an issue with the emergence of Vidmate app.