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The Concept of Research Paper

Research work is the conduct of activities that are scientific in nature and have a connection with the conduct of scientific search, research, experiments to expand existing and new skills. In the course of writing a research paper, scientific hypotheses are tested, regularities that manifest themselves in nature and society are established. It is the most important tool used to improve the level of training of specialists with higher specialized education, who have the skills to apply in practice the achievements of scientific and technological progress. Helper in writing a research paper can help with writing a research paper.

The concept of research

One of the main achievements of the modern education system is the formation and development of students’ specialized skills, as well as general knowledge and skills that will be useful in the process of research.

The general research skills include the ability of the student to:

  • recognize the problem;
  • formulate questions correctly;
  • put forward hypotheses;
  • define concepts;
  • make competent conclusions.

When conducting a study to write a research paper, the student takes into account the specifics of the problem, the goals and objectives pursued, the specific data that are at his disposal and assesses the level of his abilities to conduct the full-fledged research.

The research problem

The problem of research is the analysis of something new previously unknown in science, something that needs to be proved or studied from new angles. In itself, the word problem denotes difficulty, uncertainty, and to solve it, you need to take actions that will be aimed at solving this problem, finding a way out and exploring all that is associated with it.

When studying at a higher education institution, a student is just beginning to develop research skills, so in the initial stage, he can formulate the problem not quite clearly, approximately. The most important in the process of problem identification is a flexible point of view, the ability to consider the object from different angles, it will help to see its different facets and sides and to consider what others may not see.

The theme of the research paper

The research topic reflects the problem and its characteristic features. In order to immediately identify the problem of research, to delimit its scope, to characterize the main idea it is necessary to clearly and meaningfully formulate the topic. This will be the key to the success of the research paper.

The choice of the topic of the research work is carried out taking into account the following criteria:

  • the student should be interested in what he will explore. The theme of the research should captivate him and encourage him to research;
  • the topic should correspond to the student’s abilities, its research should be really useful;
  • the topic should not be a standard, it is better if it will be original and contain the element of surprise;
  • it is better to choose such a topic, so as not to delay the process of its research and perform it qualitatively and in full volume in a short time.

Before the student begins to study the topic, he needs to make a plan that will help him find a list of sources necessary for the collection of data and information for the study.

Object and subject of research paper

The object of the research is the area within which the analysis of the complex of connections, relations and characteristics as a resource of information and data, which the student will use in the process of research, is carried out. The subject of study has a more specific definition and is a collection of connections and relationships that the student will explore as part of his work. The study of the subject always takes place within a specific object. In order not to go beyond the chosen topic, the student must clearly formulate the object and the subject of the study.