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What are contraceptive management services?

What are contraceptive management services?

Contraceptive management refers to the use of reversible methods of contraception such as contraceptive devices, implants, medications, injections, and related services (e.g., insertion/removal of an implant or IUD) for the prevention of pregnancy.

Does BCBS pay G0444?

What will you need to know and how may we help? BCBSNM reimburses providers that participate in the Blue Cross Community Centennial network for administering an annual depression screening tool using procedure code G0444 that may be reimbursed up to 4 times a year.

How do you bill for contraceptive management?

Codes 99401-99404 are reported when the entire encounter is for preventive medicine counseling (contraceptive and/or STI). The diagnosis code is Z30.

How is Depo billed?

Depo-Provera is taken from stock and billable on the claim. How should this be coded? In order to bill for an office visit in addition to a procedure, including an injection on the same day, the medical necessity of the visit must be documented as separate and distinct from the scheduled procedure.

Who can bill for 99401?

Providers can bill for preventive medicine counseling (99401) of at least 8 minutes but less than 15 minutes in duration; however, they must add the “U5” modifier to the procedure line to indicate it is a “reduced service” which will result in the payment weight for the line being discounted by 30%.

How do I bill my depo?

J1050 Injection, medroxyprogesterone acetate, 1 mg is used to bill for the Depo- Provera drug administered.

How do you bill an IUD insertion?

The insertion and/or removal of IUDs are reported using one of the following CPT codes:

  1. 58300 Insertion of IUD.
  2. 58301 Removal of IUD.

Can you bill an office visit with an IUD removal?

Do not bill an E/M for the visit when the patient returns to the office to have the IUD inserted. If, on the other hand, the patient presented for a discussion about contraception, and at that visit, it was decided than an IUD was the right choice for her, and no pre-authorization was required, both can be billed.