What are the different Peterbilt models?

What are the different Peterbilt models?

Contact a sales representatives today about the 389, 579, and 567 or any of our other Peterbilt models like the heavy-duty 520, 367, and 365; as well as the medium-duty 337, 348, and 220. You have the option to use our online form or call 877-696-0892.

Which Peterbilt model is the best?

The 359 Peterbilt truck, is one of THE most popular models of all big rig trucks, originally built for the discriminating owner operator who needed a truck that could stand up to the challenges of long haul trucking. The 359 Pete was Peterbilt’s top of the line conventional highway truck.

What’s the difference between a Peterbilt 379 and a Peterbilt 389?

Though the differences between the two trucks may seem minute, the difference is tangible to a knowledgeable driver. With the new longer length, the lighter weight, the improved headlights, and new technologies, the 389 is an impressively enhanced 379.

How much does a 2022 Peterbilt cost?

Detailed Specs

Location: KC Peterbilt
Manufacturer: PETERBILT
Model: 579
Year: 2022
Price: $160,420

What is the difference between a Peterbilt 378 and 379?

I’ve been told the only difference is the 378 has a fiberglass hood while the 379 has a aluminum hood. The major difference is the 8 and 9 on the model #’s. Other than the hoods being made out of different materials, they are basically the same trucks, Depends how they are spec’d.

What is the difference between a 388 and 389 Peterbilt?

The two major differences between a 388 (389 short hood) and a 389 are: Lower hood panel is narrow on a 388. The hood is shorter and this is the area that is affected the most; The step sits much higher on a 389.

How much does a 2020 Peterbilt truck cost?

Detailed Specs

Location: KC Peterbilt
Manufacturer: PETERBILT
Model: 389
Year: 2020
Price: $160,381

Is Peterbilt owned by Ford?

The namesake of company founder T.A. “Al” Peterman, Peterbilt has operated as part of PACCAR since 1958, operating alongside sister division Kenworth Truck Company (though serving as one of the longest-running marketplace rivalries in American truck manufacturing)….Peterbilt.

Type Division
Website www.peterbilt.com

What years did Peterbilt make the 386?

Retired (1980 to date)

Retired Peterbilt vehicles
Model name Production Vehicle type
386 2005-2015 on-highway (Class 8)
387 1999-2010 on-highway (Class 8)
388 2006-2015 on-highway (Class 8)

How much does a Peterbilt cost?

For a remote control Peterbilt model truck, check the current ebay listings as well, with prices ranging from around $21.00 to $77.00.

What company makes Peterbilt trucks?

Peterbilt Trucks – From Chain Drive to the Peterbilt 379. Peterbilts are made by the Peterbilt Motors Company, which has its headquarters in Denton, Texas. The American truck manufacture was started in 1939 by then lumber entrepreneur and plywood maker, T.A. Peterman.

What is a Peterbilt 379 truck?

The Peterbilt 379 is a Class 8 truck produced by the Peterbilt division of PACCAR from 1987 to 2007. Alongside the similarly-styled Kenworth W900 , the 379 was an extended-hood conventional-cab truck marketed primarily to owner-operator drivers. Replacing the 359, the 379 would become the flagship of the Peterbilt model line.

What is the weight of a Peterbilt truck?

The weight of a Peterbilt truck varies depending on the model that is being reviewed. A Peterbilt model 379 heavy-duty truck from 1997 has a gross vehicle weight rating of approximately 46,000 pounds, while the Class 8 Peterbilt 587 weighs approximately 65,000 pounds.