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What are the different types of termites for home identification?

What are the different types of termites for home identification?

Termite Photo Gallery: Pictures of Termites for Home Identification Purposes. 1 Dampwood Termites. Illustration of a Dampwood Termite. Dampwood termites are among the largest species. However, their bodies vary in size and color, 2 Eastern Subterranean Termites. 3 Soldier Termites. 4 Swarmer Termites. 5 Queen Termites.

What kind of termites have black wings and red bodies?

The drywood termites have black wings and red bodies. The color of the wings and its unique red body makes it easy to identify the drywood termites on dead trees, structural timbers or on hardwood floors. Dampwood termites. These are the termites whose name has an origin of where they live.

What does a worker termite look like?

Like soldiers and queens, worker termites are a caste within a colony. They gather food and build passages by eating their way through wood and soil. As you can see in this termite photo, workers have creamy, white-colored bodies and dark mandibles.

What type of termites are in my bed?

The termite types that could find their way into your bed would be drywood termites and Formosan termites. These two termite types love to eat wood structures like all else but they also predominantly love wood and door frames, floorboards, and furniture like chairs, sofas, and beds.

What do termite explorers look for in a home?

Starting from South to North, termite explorers, referred to as swarmers, will look for hospitable homes, with buildings that have sustained damage from severe winter weather particularly at risk.

What type of termites invade homes in packs?

Subterranean termites, found throughout the United States, are the most widespread type of termites that invade homes in packs. Usually found in warmer climates, these insects need humidity to continue to exist. These insects have a lot to do with the soil, where they build their underground nest or a chain of interrelated nests.

What are dampwood termites and how do they infest?

As their name suggests, dampwood termites infest wood with high moisture content, such as dead trees or logs, and don’t usually infest structures because of their need for excessive moisture. However, it is important to avoid attracting them as they can cause serious property damage if they make themselves at home.

How big do termites get?

Termites range in size from an eighth of an inch to one inch in length. Some species are a bit bigger than others, as illustrated in the termite photos below. The insect’s stage of development or its specific role in the colony can also affect its size. Dampwood termites are among the largest species.