What are the major islands in Mindanao?

What are the major islands in Mindanao?


Archipelago Philippines
Adjacent bodies of water Bohol Sea Celebes Sea Philippine Sea Sulu Sea Surigao Strait
Major islands Mindanao Basilan Jolo Tawitawi Bucas Grande Dinagat Siargao Samal Camiguin
Area 97,530 km2 (37,660 sq mi)

What Mindanao famous for?

A: Being the second largest island group next to Luzon, Mindanao has been dubbed the country’s “Land of Promise” because of its promising natural resources. It is also known worldwide for being home to the surf capital of the Philippines, a famous highly-urbanized city, and jaw-dropping beaches.

What is the biggest island in Mindanao?

The Biggest Islands Of The Philippines

Rank Island Area
1 Luzon 42,458 square miles
2 Mindanao 37,657 square miles
3 Samar 5,185 square miles
4 Negros 5,139 square miles

What makes Mindanao beautiful?

Mainly characterized by narrow coastal plains, peninsulas, and faulted mountains, Mindanao has a range of tropical rainforests and great biodiversity. With over 7,000 islands in the Philippines, Mindanao is the biggest and also has tiny islands nearby, and with islands comes breathtaking beautiful beaches .

How many islands are there in Mindanao?

The regions of Mindanao encompass a total of twenty-seven (27) provinces, with an aggregate of thirty-three (33) cities, and 422 municipalities. The total number of barangays in the island group is 10,084….List of regions.

Region Mindanao Total
Provinces 27
Total cities ( HUC ) 6
Total cities ( ICC ) 1

What is the 3 biggest island in the Philippines?

Samar, island, east-central Philippines, the third largest (after Luzon and Mindanao), part of the Visayan Islands archipelago. It lies between the Samar and Philippine seas and is separated from the Bicol Peninsula of Luzon (northwest) by the San Bernardino Strait.