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What are the Major Spoilers in Naruto?

What are the Major Spoilers in Naruto?

Every Major Naruto Spoiler Explained. 10 The Death Of The Third Hokage. The Third Hokage was the first character in Naruto that seemed nigh impossible to beat. Fans got to witness the 9 Sasuke Becoming A Rogue Ninja. 8 Asuma’s Tragic Death. 7 Minato Being Naruto’s Real Dad. 6 Jiraiya’s Death And

Does Naruto need a second look?

Some Naruto plot points warrant a second look just so we can relive the epicness, shock and sadness surrounding these pivotal moments from the series. When one talks about some of the best shonen series of all time, it goes without saying that Naruto is definitely near the top of this list.

What do you think about Minato being Naruto’s father?

Minato being revealed as Naruto’s father is a special moment that showed the true extent of Naruto’s potential. The manner in which he was able to not only fill his father’s shoes but surpass his ability over the course of the series was an absolute treat to witness.

What is the main conflict in Naruto Shippuden?

The conflict between the Ninja World and the Akatsuki is central to the plot of Naruto Shippuden, with pretty much every major fight in the series happening with members of this group. One such encounter with Hidan results in the demise of Asuma’s which is a horrible thing to witness.

What happens to Jiraiya in Naruto?

He truly gives it his all against Pain but just falls short. This death does ultimately lead to Naruto mastering Sage Mode and becoming the savior of Konoha. The manner in which Jiraiya’s death is treated by Kishimoto is a brilliant move, with our beloved pervy sage never making a single appearance post his demise.

What are the most tragic events in Naruto?

When it comes to listing out some of the most tragic events in Naruto, it goes without saying that Jiraiya’s death is certainly one of the saddest scenes in this regard, if not the most heart-wrenching death in the entire series. He truly gives it his all against Pain but just falls short.