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What does annular space mean?

What does annular space mean?

A ring-shaped space located between two circular objects. For example, the space between the outside of a pipe liner and the inside of a pipe.

What is annular space for a well?

Annular space. means an open space between a casing or well screen and the side of a well, and includes space between overlapping casings within the well.

What is an annular opening?

The annulus, or annular space, is the space between a penetrant and whatever surrounds it, such as the sides of an opening or a sleeve, as the case may be. Sometimes an annulus can be “offset”, meaning that the penetrant is not centred.

What does annular mean in science?

Medical Definition of annular : of, relating to, or forming a ring the annular diaphragm of a microscope.

What does annular seal mean?

Annular seal: The annular seal is the material between the borehole wall and the casing, usually placed near the land surface and is designed to keep surface water and other potential contamination out of the well. The casing is sealed to the borehole wall near the land surface with the annular seal.

Where is annulus located?

The annulus is the space between the outer wall of the drill string and the wall of the hole and provides the passageway for the drilling fluids and the drilled rock cuttings to return to the surface.

What is minimum annular space?

More specifically it is the distance from the inside edge of the opening to the outside edge of the penetrating item. If the annular space lists 0” to 1” this means that the penetrating item does not need to be centered in the hole. It also means that its okay if the penetrating item makes contact on one side.

What is annular grouting?

Annular space grouting is process of filling the area between a host pipe and liner pipe in re-lining applications. Once the key project obstacles have been recognized the technique and grout material can be chosen.

What is a annular eclipse in physics?

An annular eclipse occurs when the Sun and Moon are exactly in line with the Earth, but the apparent size of the Moon is smaller than that of the Sun. Hence the Sun appears as a very bright ring, or annulus, surrounding the dark disk of the Moon.

What does annulus mean in biology?

An annulus in botany is an arc or a ring of specialized cells on the sporangium. These cells are arranged in a single row, and are associated with the release or dispersal of spores.

What is a pumping well?

1. n. [Well Testing] A well produced by use of some kind of downhole pump. Pumps are required when the formation pressure is not sufficient to allow flowing production of fluids at the desired or necessary rate.