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What does C Bass hat say?

What does C Bass hat say?

Featuring complete polyester foam front and complete nylon mesh weave back, this cap stays comfortable on the head despite wearing for long hours. The screen printed quote that reads “Wine ‘Em Dine ‘Em 69 ‘Em” on the front announces your love for the character Sea Bass in the American comedy film, Dumb and Dumber.

What did sea bass do to Lloyd?

Sea Bass finally gets his revenge for the diner incident by putting Lloyd on his knees so he could attempt to rape and kill him, which causes Lloyd to have a traumatic breakdown.

Why is Cam Neely called sea bass?

The origin of the Sea Bass nickname? Peter Farrelly says he overheard it shouted in a bar on Cape Cod. “I remember a guy holding up a drink and he said, ‘Sea Bass, you want another beer?’ I thought it was one of the funniest nicknames I’d ever heard, so I wrote it down.”

How tall is sea bass from Dumb and Dumber?

At 6 ft 1 in and 215 lb, Neely was as devastating with his body checks and fists as he was with his goal scoring exploits. He became the archetype of the power forward and earned the nickname “Bam-Bam Cam”.

What does sea bass friends hat say?

Product Description. Made famous by the blockbuster movie “Dumb and Dumber” is the hat worn by Seabass that reads Wine’em Dine’em and Sixty Nine’em.

What truck stop was used in Dumb and Dumber?

A lot of scenes from Harry and Lloyd’s cross-country drive—including the truck stop where they meet Sea Bass—were filmed in and around the little town of Fort Morgan, Colorado. If you stop to sample the “soup of the day,” just remember that not every truck stop waitress is named “Flo.”

What does Lloyd put in Harry’s drink?

Lloyd has become angry at Harry, because he believes Harry has been putting the moves on Mary—which he has. Lloyd wreaks revenge by secretly pouring laxative into Harry’s drink: It’s in a bottle that’s marked, with Wile-E-Coyote obviousness, Turbo Lax. Harry drinks up, then sneaks off to see Mary.

Who played seabass in Me Myself Irene?

Cam NeelySea Bass / Played by

Does Cam Neely own the Bruins?

Cam Neely is in his 12th season as President of the Bruins, as on June 16, 2010 he became just the eighth man to hold that position in the history of the franchise.

Who is Cam Neely married to?

Paulina NeelyCam Neely / Spouse (m. 1996)

Who plays seabass?

Cam NeelySea Bass / Played by

Cam Neely returns as Sea Bass in Dumb & Dumber sequel – The Hockey News.

Who is sea bass in Dumb and Dumber?

Sea Bass is a minor antagonist in the Dumb and Dumber franchise. He is first seen in the same diner as Lloyd and Harry, having lunch with his fellow red-neck truckers.

Who is the bad guy in Dumb and Dumber?

Sea Bass. Sea Bass is a sociopathic truck driver who travelled the country. He is the quaternary antagonist in the first film, Dumb and Dumber. He is portrayed by Cam Neely.

What happened to the milkshakes in Dumb and Dumber To?

In Dumb and Dumber To, after the credits when Harry and Lloyd were driving in the zamboni, drinking each other’s milkshakes when they thought the gas station gave them the wrong milkshakes, they threw their milkshakes away, hitting the windshield of Sea Bass’ truck. After seeing them, Sea Bass pursues the pair for revenge.

What happened to sea bass in Harry Potter?

While Sea Bass takes off his pants in front of Lloyd, he was thwarted by a fiery-foot Harry who barges into the men’s bathroom to soak his leg in the same toilet that Lloyd urinated in. Both Harry and Lloyd came back to their senses and realized that Sea Bass is knocked out, which raises questions in Harry’s mind and Lloyd humiliated reaction.