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What does Clayson mean?

What does Clayson mean?

Clayson Name Meaning English: patronymic from the personal name Classe, a short form of Nicholas. The name may have been imported to England in the Middle Ages by Flemish weavers. As an American surname it has probably absorbed some cases of Dutch Claassen and its variants.

What nationality is Ege?

German: variant of Eck 2. Norwegian: variant of Eike, a habitational name from any of several farms in southwestern Norway, so named from Old Norse eiki ‘oak grove’.

Where does the last name Enciso come from?

Spanish: habitational name from a place named Enciso, examples of which are found in Logroño and Rioja.

Is Ege a Turkish name?

Ege is a Turkish unisex name. Ege is a palindrome: a name that reads the same backwards and forward.

How many people have the last name Enciso?

How Common Is The Last Name Enciso? This surname is the 8,423rd most frequently occurring last name world-wide It is held by around 1 in 107,731 people. The surname Enciso occurs mostly in The Americas, where 87 percent of Enciso reside; 51 percent reside in South America and 30 percent reside in Hispano-North America.