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What does die fledermaus mean in english?

What does die fledermaus mean in english?

Die Fledermaus. Die Fledermaus (German: [diː ˈfleːdɐˌmaʊs], The Flittermouse or The Bat, sometimes called The Revenge of the Bat) is an operetta composed by Johann Strauss II to a German libretto by Karl Haffner and Richard Genée.

What is the plot of die fledermaus?

Fledermaus: one drunken evening, when he was dressed as a bat for a costume ball, his best friend Eisenstein played a practical joke on him that made him the laughingstock of Vienna. The crowd toasts drink, love, and brotherhood until the stroke of midnight, when the new century begins.

What is the deflater mouse about?

Gabriel von Eisenstein, a Viennese man-about-town, has been sentenced to eight days in prison for insulting an official, partially due to the incompetence of his attorney, Dr. Blind. Frank, the governor of the prison, arrives to take Eisenstein to jail, and finds Alfred instead.

When was die fledermaus written?

Die Fledermaus, (German: “The Bat”) operetta by the Austrian composer Johann Strauss the Younger (German libretto by Carl [or Karl] Haffner and Richard Genée) that premiered in Vienna on April 5, 1874. It is the best-known stage work by Strauss, whose fame rested mainly on his ballroom dance pieces.

Who wrote Der Fledermaus?

Richard Genée
Carl Haffner
Die Fledermaus/Librettists

What is Fledermaus software?

Fledermaus is a 3D visualization and analysis software used for topographic and bathymetric data. Users can interact with the data using a standard 3-button mouse or a 3D navigation device (3DConnexion Space Navigator) in normal viewing mode or stereo (split-screen or full stereo).

Why is Die Fledermaus called the bat?

Prince Orlofsky asks Falke about his “Bat” story and Eisenstein overhears, boasting that two years before, after a similar costume party, he left a drunken Falke to sleep it off in a public square dressed as a bat—thus Falke’s nickname, Dr. Fledermaus, which is German for “bat.”