What does F5 mean on Indesit washing machine?

What does F5 mean on Indesit washing machine?

Pressure switch jammed on
F5 – Pressure switch jammed on full. The opposite fault to the above, if the pressure switch is jammed on full it will tell your machine there is water inside it even when there is no water in the machine.

Why is my washing machine flashing F05?

F05 means there is a problem with the pump or there is a waste pipe issue. This problem will mean that your washing machine door may not release, leaving your washing trapped inside, or if it is opening, your washing will be sat in a pool of undrained water.

What does F1 mean on washer?

The F1 fault code on this washer indicates that the water level pressure transducer signal is out of range. The pressure transducer air hose tubing being pinched or crimped can cause this. A failed pressure transducer on the machine control board can also cause it.

What does F05 mean on my Indesit washing machine?

What does f05 mean on my Indesit washing machine? Error code F05 on some Hotpoint (and some Indesit) washing machines means the pressure switch has “jammed” on. So the washing machine thinks it is full of water and refuses to spin.

Why does my Kenmore washer keep saying F05?

Hopefully the F05 Error is just a blockage and you haven’t damaged the pump. If you hear any Washing Machine strange noises around the pump filter then don’t wait for it to break, stop the cycle then clean out that washing machine filter as soon as you can. It will save you money and hassle.

Where is the pressure switch on an Indesit washing machine?

The pressure switch in the Indesit washing machine is located under the top cover of the washing machine, it is easy to remove, you just need to unscrew the two screws on the back of the case. On the side wall you will see a round part, from which there are two wires and one small hose.

How do I check the drain filter on my Indesit washing machine?

To check the drain filter, we find a small door or panel at the bottom of the Indesit washing machine and open it. Behind it you will see a cover that you need to carefully turn counterclockwise and pull it out by pulling it towards you. Before unscrewing, be sure to place a large rag that absorbs the remaining waste water from the tank.