What does it mean if someone is interactive?

What does it mean if someone is interactive?

adjective. If you describe a group of people or their activities as interactive, you mean that the people communicate with each other.

What is interactive example?

The definition of interactive is action and communication between two people or two things, such as two-way communication. An example of an interactive game is one in which you communicate with the game and the game gives feedback back based on what you said or did. adjective.

What is another term for interactive?

reactive, Participative, collaborative, hands-on, dialogue, interchange, two-way, proactive, mutual, vibrant, transactional, lively, automated.

What is non interactive?

Definition of noninteractive : not interactive especially : not involving or requiring the actions or input of a user … there is sometimes real value to be gained from the noninteractive story format.

What is the root word of interactive?

Interaction comes from Latin inter meaning “between,” and ago meaning “to do” or “to act” — any “action between” is considered an interaction, like the interaction between a teacher and a student, two countries, or even baking soda and vinegar (boom!).

What is interactive teaching?

The practice of involving learners in the educational process by encouraging them to bring their own experience and knowledge into the process, while also contributing to defining or organizing their learning.

What is interactive multimedia?

interactive media, also called interactive multimedia, any computer-delivered electronic system that allows the user to control, combine, and manipulate different types of media, such as text, sound, video, computer graphics, and animation.

What is the opposite meaning of interactive?

▲ Opposite of relating to interactions between two or more people. solitary. uncivil. impersonal.

What is an antonym for the word interactive?

interactional, interactiveadjective. capable of acting on or influencing each other. Antonyms: nonreciprocal.

What is antonym of interactive?

Antonyms for interactive. They wind up experts in interactive games and in controlling extremely fast processes. On the interactive education networks, age no longer serves as a criterion. Here is one possible scenario: Students approach centers of interactive education after the initial phase of acculturation.

What is the definition of interactive?

Definition of interactive. 1 : mutually or reciprocally active. 2 : involving the actions or input of a user especially : of, relating to, or being a two-way electronic communication system (such as a telephone, cable television, or a computer) that involves a user’s orders (as for information or merchandise) or responses (as to a poll)

What is interactive object?

Simple interactive object extraction (SIOX) is an algorithm for extracting foreground objects from color images and videos with very little user interaction.

What is an interactive form?

An interactive form is a data-gathering window containing multiple questions that interactively change based on user input. In other words, a user’s response to one question may cause one or more additional questions to be added to the window.