What does MILLE BORNES mean in French?

What does MILLE BORNES mean in French?

a thousand milestones
MILLE BORNES (pronounced “MEEL BORN”) means. “a thousand milestones.” MILLE BORNES is a card.

Can you go over 1000 miles in MILLE BORNES?

A hand can be ended in two ways: a team completes a single trip of exactly 1000 miles OR the draw pile is exhausted. In that case, after all cards have been played in hand the game finishes. If you hit 1000 miles after the draw pile is empty this is called Delayed Action.

When did the game MILLE BORNES come out?

The game was created in 1954 by Edmond Dujardin as 1000 Bornes, and is almost identical to the earlier American automotive card game Touring, designed by William Janson Roche in 1906.

Can you play Mille Bornes online?

Asmodee Digital and Dujardin have announced the release of the new digital version of Mille Bornes on iOS, Android, and Steam. The game is designed for all ages, and you can play alone or in a family group with the digital version of this legendary board game.

How many people play Mille Bornes?

These are the markers which give this game its name: MILLE BORNES (pronounced “Meel Born”). This is a card game for 2, 3, 4 or 6 players, usually played by 4 players, 2 on each team, as a partner- ship game.

How do you pronounce Mille Borne?

“Meel Borrn”.

How do you score in Mille Bornes?

Players score points as follows:

  1. Each player/team scores points equal to the number of miles they traveled.
  2. Each safety card that is played is worth 100 points.
  3. The player/team that completes the 1,000 mile trip gets a 400 point bonus.

How do you say Coup Fourre?


  1. IPA: /ku fu.ʁe/
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What is the meaning of Mille Bornes?

Mille Bornes ( / ˌmɪl ˈbɔːrn /; French for a thousand milestones, referring to the distance markers on many French roads) is a French designer card game. Mille Bornes is listed in the GAMES Magazine Hall of Fame .

What is the objective of the game Mille Bornes?

OBJECTIVE OF MILLE BORNES: Gain 5000 points while following the rules of the road. In France, there are small markers along the road called bornes kilometriques. They are milestones that denote mileage to the next town and their color show if the road is a highway or local street. This game is all about mileage.

What is delayed action?

If you hit 1000 miles after the draw pile is empty this is called Delayed Action. If you are able to complete a trip in this manner you earn an extra 300 points.

Who makes Mille Bornes?

In the United States, Mille Bornes is manufactured and distributed by Winning Moves Games under license from Hasbro. It was previously produced by Parker Brothers and is commonly available in stores that sell games. There are also several computer-based versions. Mille Bornes is listed in the GAMES Magazine Hall of Fame .