What happened to Holly Robinson from 21 Jump Street?

What happened to Holly Robinson from 21 Jump Street?

Holly Robinson Peete (Officer Judy Hoffs) The only original cast member who stayed through the show’s entire five seasons, Holly Robinson Peete went on to other TV series “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper” and “For Your Love.” After being fired from CBS’ “The Talk,” Peete now stars on the network’s hit comedy “Mike & Molly.”

Does Holly Robinson sing 21 Jump Street?

Holly Robinson (Judy Hoffs) sang the very of-its-era theme song — “Jump!

Who made cameos in 21 Jump Street?

All original cast members from the 21 Jump Street (1987) television series have cameos in the film, except Richard Grieco and Dustin Nguyen. In one scene, the bad guys watch the original television series on television, and almost every shot shows Nguyen’s character.

What happened to Captain Jenko on 21 Jump Street?

Portrayed by Captain Richard Jenko was the first captain of the 21 Jump Street Chapel Program. He was hit and killed by a drunk driver after the sixth episode of season 1, The Worst Night of Your Life.

Where was 21 Jump Street the movie filmed?

New Orleans
Filming. The film was shot in and around the city of Metairie, Louisiana (suburb of New Orleans) in 2011, although the filmmakers took elaborate steps to disguise the location as a generic city named “Metropolitan City”.

What was Johnny Depp’s last episode on 21 Jump Street?

Second Chances
21 Jump Street/Latest episode

Why was Captain Richard Jenko killed?

How old is Holly from 21 Jump Street?

Holly Robinson Peete was born on September 18, 1964 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA as Holly Elizabeth Robinson. She is known for her work on 21 Jump Street (1987), 21 Jump Street (2012) and For Your Love (1998).

Who are the actors in 21 Jump Street?

21 Jump Street: Created by Stephen J. Cannell, Patrick Hasburgh. With Holly Robinson Peete, Steven Williams, Peter DeLuise, Johnny Depp. The cases of an undercover police unit composed of young-looking officers specializing in youth crime. Menu Movies

What is 21c21 Jump Street?

21 Jump Street is the headquarters for a squad of police officers who specialize in investigations relating to young people.

How many episodes of 21 Jump Street are there?

21 Jump Street Photos132 Top cast Edit Johnny Depp Officer Tom Hansonas Officer Tom Hanson 82 episodes82 eps• 1987–1990 Dustin Nguyen Officer Harry Truman Iokias Officer Harry Truman Ioki 82 episodes82 eps• 1987–1990