What happened uncle Taher?

What happened uncle Taher?

He has a heart attack, and needs to go to England to have heart surgery. But Iran, being the paranoid place full of freedom restrictions that it is, will not give him a passport in a timely manner. Uncle Taher dies and is buried on the same day as his official passport arrives.

Where do Marjane’s parents send her?


What was Marji’s grandfather’s job under the Reza Shah?

The ruler that Reza Shah deposed was Marji’s grandfather, a prince. Her grandpa briefly served as prime minister, but since he outwardly opposed the new regime and became a communist, he was sent to prison and tortured.

Is Persepolis Banned in Iran?

For these reasons and others, Persepolis has been denounced by Iran’s religious leaders and banned in the country that it depicts. In 1979, Iran underwent a large scale Revolution that fundamentally altered the culture of the country.

What gift does anoosh give to Marji What does it symbolize?

The bread swan was a gift to Marji, from Anoosh. It represents Anoosh’s relationship with Marji, and his imprisonment, during which he made the swan. After his death, the swans are the only thing Marji has left of him.

What are the main themes of Persepolis?

Persepolis Themes

  • Religion, Repression, and Modernity.
  • Nationalism, Heroism, and Martyrdom.
  • Violence, Forgiveness, and Justice.
  • Children, War, and Growing Up.
  • The Personal vs.
  • Gender.

What did Marji do for 6 months for Mehri?

What did Marji do for six months to help Mehri? Marji helped Mehri read & write letters to the boy next door. He and Mehri had been crushing on each other.

What happens Persepolis 2?

Persepolis 2: The Story of a Return Summary. Marjane is 14 when she arrives in Vienna, thrilled that she escaped the Iran-Iraq War and the religious fundamentalism of her home country, Iran. Eventually, an older girl named Julie takes an interest in Marjane and introduces her to her friends Momo, Thierry, and Olivier.

What does Persepolis imply as a theme?

Throughout Marjane Satrapi’s autobiographical graphic novel, Persepolis, education is an important theme. The main messages are that education is essential for a person to have true freedom, but also that institutionalized education cannot always be trusted.

What is the moral of Persepolis?

The rebellious characters in Persepolis seek freedom: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom to live one’s life the way one chooses. Marjane rebels because she wants to be in control of her own life.

Why does Marji love the king?

Why does Marji love the king? -Marji loves the king because she believes he was chosen by God.

Why is Marji ashamed to sit in her father’s Cadillac?

33) Marji is starting to understand why she feels guilty when she rides in her dad’s Cadillac. She realizes that she is in a higher social class than many people around her and knows it isn’t fair. She recognizes the differences in social class as the reason for a revolution and the cause of her guilt.

Why does Uncle Taher need a passport?

Uncle Taher suffers a third heart attack after hearing a grenade go off outside his building. The damage to his heart is extensive and he needs open heart surgery. The only problem is that this can only be done outside the country. In order to leave, he needs a permit to get a passport.

Why is Persepolis banned?

Instead, they say, the book is still sanctioned for school libraries, but not lower grades because of “graphic language and images that are not appropriate for general use in the seventh grade curriculum.” High school teachers can still use the book, though only with special training.

What is the name of Marjane’s classmate that dies?


What is Marji’s last memory of her parents before leaving?

What is Marji’s last memory of her parents before leaving? Marjane’s last memory of her parents was when she looked back through the protective glass one last time. She turned only to see her mother had fainted and her father carrying her out of the airport. She thinks, “It would have been better to just go.”

What lesson does Marji learn truth?

What lessons does Marji learn about “truth”? She learns both that “The truth is sometimes hard to accept.” and “Nobody will accept the truth.”

How do others respond to Marji’s religious calling?

How do others respond to Marji’s religious calling? Her class mates laugh and call her crazy, her teacher is worried so she talks to her parents who are not worried. does Marji tell her parents that she wants to be when she grows up? What three attributes of God does Marji wish to embody as a prophet?

Why does Marji feel so ashamed?

Terms in this set (38) What causes Marji to feel so ashamed? They sort of act toward each other as sisters and Mehri says Marji is her sister.

What happened to Marji’s mom at the end of Persepolis?

By Marjane Satrapi Afraid for their daughter’s safety, her parents decide to send her to stay with her mom’s friend in Vienna. Marji gives away a bunch of her stuff to her friends and says goodbye. Her parents take her to the airport.

What two things did they need to protect themselves against Persepolis?

The two things that Marji and her family needed to protect themselves against were the regime and their neighbors. 2. Name one violation that Marji’s dad is guilty of at the traffic stop. One violation that Marji’s dad dad was guilty of at the traffic stop was lying that he was drinking.

Is Persepolis a true story?

‘Persepolis’ Tells The Story Of Growing Up During The Islamic Revolution Unlike so many other comics-turned-movies, this one is not only true to the spirit of the original work, but the author is actually one of the filmmakers, because (also unlike so many other comics) this one is based on a true story: her story.

What four things happened to the emperor’s family and any who opposed the new government when he was deposed by Reza?

What four things happened to the emperor’s family, and any who opposed thenew government, when he was deposed by Reza? Shah confiscated everything Marji’s grandfather owned, sent him to prison, tortured him, and people feared that they would be taken aways11. What new government role did Marji’s grandfather accept?

Why is Marji angry at her father?

Why is Marji angry at her father? She sees him as being unpatriotic; but then she realizes he loves their country just as much as she does. Marji was really excited about it but her teacher was not impressed with her work.

What is important to Marji’s parents?

Furthermore, what is important to Marji’s parents? Parents: They create an environment and try to give her as much freedom as possible without endangering her. They don’t really punish her for her speeches against her teachers. They get their strength from believing that someday their daughter will have a happy life.

Why is it ironic that his passport finally arrives on the day of his funeral?

Why is it ironic that his passport finally arrives on the day of his funeral? It’s ironic because he can now finally leave with his passport and is free but he is already dead.

Why does God return after a long absence Persepolis?

Why does God return after a long absence? Because Marji had lost her faith & wanted to follow someone. She needed advice.

What is anoosh’s final wish?

skipping school. What was Anoosh’s final wish? To see Marji who is like the daughter he never had. Who is Anoosh? Marji’s uncle whom she considers a hero.

How does Marji’s mother attempt to protect her daughter?

How does Marji’s mother attempt to protect her daughter? She hears her mother yelling and running towards her. Her mother tells her that the missile hit the Baba-Levy’s building next door. Marji sees the dead hand of Needa: she recognizes the bracelet.

Why did Marji leave Iran?

After a few years back in Iran, Marjane realizes that she has to leave again. Her parents and grandma want her to live her life to the fullest, and there is no way for an independent woman to do that in Iran. Marjane makes the sacrifice of leaving her family behind in order to forge ahead with her own life.