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What happened X96?

What happened X96?

In 1996, X96 underwent a major technical overhaul, moving to 96.3 MHz from a transmitter on Farnsworth Peak, increasing its coverage area (particularly in Utah County). In April 1998, Acme sold KXRK to Simmons Media Group. Simmons moved X96 to studios located on the corner of Broadway and 2nd West in Salt Lake City.

How long has radio from hell been around?

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Genre Comedy, Talk
Recording studio KXRK, Salt Lake City, Utah
Original release 1986 – present
Audio format FM radio MP3 Podcast iTunes Podcast

How do you text X96?

Text JOIN to 33986 to sign up* You can also make requests, ask questions and tell us what’s on your mind anytime by texting us at 33986*. You can use these keywords: SONGS: To get the last 3 songs played on X96. OFFERS: X96 will send amazing deals right to your phone.

How old is Tombarberi?

Tom Barberi, a radio talk show host who loved to poke fun at Utah institutions and became one himself, has died. Barberi died Friday morning, according to daughter Gina Barberi, who followed her father’s career path and is now a host of X96′s “Radio From Hell” show. He was 78.

What is a Cody Box TV?

A Kodi box enables you to stream content to any device in your home. Advertised for its Plug and Play capability, a Kodi box is a set-top box or HDMI stick with the software installed on it. It allows people to stream shows and watch them on any platform including a computer, smartphone, tablet or set-top box.