What is a 48 degree wedge for?

What is a 48 degree wedge for?

The loft of the pitching wedge is typically between 45 and 48 degrees and it is mainly used for shots outside of 100 yards – the average club golfer hits a pitching wedge around 105 yards, while the Tour professional carries it around 125 yards.

How far does a 48 degree go?

48 Degree Wedge Distance (Pitching Wedge) A 48 degree wedge distance is 120 yards for most amateur golfers and around 140 yards for professionals when using their pitching wedge.

Is 48 degrees a gap wedge?

So generally think about putting in a gap wedge that’s 48 or 50 degrees, a sand wedge that’s between 54 and 56 degrees, and a lob wedge that’s between 58 and 60 degrees. These are general guidelines, make sure you’re working with your fitter to get the gapping that works best for you.

Who makes a 48 degree wedge?

48 degree – Vokey Design Wedges – Team Titleist.

What’s a 52 degree wedge used for?

A 52-degree wedge is called a gap wedge. While almost all golfers are familiar with the pitching wedge and the sand wedge, not many golfers know much about the gap wedge. As its name implies, the gap wedge is meant to “fill in the gap” between the sand wedge and the pitching wedge.

How far should a 9 iron go?

120 yards 100 yards
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Club Men’s Average Distance Women’s Average Distance
7-iron 140 yards 120 yards
8-iron 130 yards 110 yards
9-iron 120 yards 100 yards
Pitching wedge 110 yards 90 yards

What is a 52 degree wedge used for?

Is a 46 wedge a pitching wedge?

The standard pitching wedge loft is between 44°- 48°, but because pitching wedge loft has become stronger over the years, most pitching wedges are now 44° to 46°.

Does Vokey make a 48 degree wedge?

Titleist Vokey 48 Degree Pitching Wedge.