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What is a better word than proficient?

What is a better word than proficient?

Some common synonyms of proficient are adept, expert, skilled, and skillful.

How can I better myself in quarantine?

8 Ways To Better Yourself During Quarantine

  1. Read books. Fiction or nonfiction.
  2. Plan out your future. Figure out what classes you want to take for next semester.
  3. Declutter your space. Don’t just reorganize things.
  4. Do a puzzle.
  5. Try self-exploration.
  6. Keep up with your schoolwork.
  7. Practice self-care.
  8. Check in with your loved ones.

What can I do productive in free time?

7 Ways Successful People Spend Their Free Time

  • They Exercise. Physical exercise is important for both physical and mental health.
  • They Read. Reading is a lifelong skill, and successful people never stop reading new books.
  • They Take Classes.
  • They Volunteer.
  • They Network.
  • They Have Hobbies.
  • They Spend Time With Friends and Family.

What are the three levels of proficiency?

The major levels Advanced, Intermediate, and Novice are subdivided into High, Mid, and Low sublevels. The levels of the guidelines describe the continuum of proficiency from that of the highly articulate, well-educated language user to a level of little or no functional ability.

What are proficient skills?

The proficiency level indicates the agent’s experience or strengths with a skill and can be used for routing interactions to appropriate resources. …

How do you classify skills on a resume?

How to List Skills on Your Resume: 5 Quick and Easy Tips

  1. Use Job-Specific Skills on Your Resume.
  2. Limit Your List to Only Include Applicable Skills.
  3. Organize Your Skills into Categories.
  4. Include Relevant Synonyms.
  5. List Your Important Skills a Few Times.

What is proficient level?

The policy definitions of the levels are: Basic—This level denotes partial mastery of prerequisite knowledge and skills that are fundamental for proficient work at each grade. Proficient—This level represents solid academic performance for each grade assessed.

What is the ETS Proficiency Profile test?

What is the ETS Proficiency Profile? The ETS Proficiency Profile assesses critical thinking, reading, writing and mathematics skills. Institutions use this assessment to demonstrate program effectiveness for accreditation and funding purposes.