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What is a model T101 24 hour dial time switch?

What is a model T101 24 hour dial time switch?

This Intermatic T101 24-hour dial switch is designed for industrial, commercial, and residential applications. This dial switch provides 1 to 12 ‘ON/OFF’ operations each day with a minimum ON/OFF time of 1 hour and is also equipped with one ‘ON’ and one ‘OFF’ tripper.

What is a model T101 timer?

Model#T101. The T100 Series Mechanical Time Switch has proven it can stand the test of time. These dependable time switches can handle electrical loads up to 40 A per pole and allow for up to 12 ON/OFF operations per day. A manual override switch provides added convenience.

How do you set a timer on a Mac?

From System Preferences > Energy Saver, click the Schedule button on the bottom right of the window. Check the box marked Sleep to set a time at which your Mac will automatically go to sleep or shut down. You can choose whether your computer will Shut Down or Restart.

How do you fix an Intermatic timer?

Intermatic timers can typically be fixed by checking there’s power to the timer, resetting the time, renewing the ON/OFF trippers and renewing the gears or timer motor. Most Intermatic timer parts can be renewed but sometimes you need to replace the whole mechanism.

What is the difference between T103 and T104 Intermatic timer?

The T104 is rated for heavier loads….. up to 40HP but is not suitable for outdoor applications. The T103 is rated for indoor/outdoor uses and rated for smaller applications like pool equipment or small pumps.

How do you set an Intermatic timer?

To set an Intermatic wall switch timer, erase the earlier timer settings, set the time dial in half-hour increments, set it to the current time, position the dial in the On and Off settings, and press it to set the time. Turn the time dial until a red light blinks.

How to program an Intermatic timer?

Erase all previous timer settings by sliding the control lever left to the “Off” position. When the red indicator light shuts off,the settings are erased.

  • Move the control lever to the “On” position. The red indicator light will start blinking.
  • Turn the time dial clockwise until you reach the half hour that is closest to your present time. The time dial is set in 30-minute increments.
  • Press the time dial to set the present time. The indicator light will turn off.
  • Twist the dial clockwise until the you reach the first “On” setting,and press the time dial to set the timer.
  • Set the first “Off” time by rotating the dial clockwise until you reach the desired time and pressing the dial.
  • Repeat Steps 5 and 6 until all settings are programmed into the wall timer.
  • Rotate the time dial clockwise once all of the timer settings are programmed until the red indicator light comes on.
  • How does an Intermatic pool timer work?

    An Intermatic pool timer tells your pool pump when to turn on and when to turn off. This both conserves energy and allows you to avoid turning the pump on and off manually. After you’ve installed an Intermatic pool timer, you might have questions about how to operate it. The functions of an Intermatic timer are basic and therefore easy to work.

    What is a timer instruction?

    Timer is an instruction that waits a set amount of time before doing something (control time). Timers count fractions of seconds or seconds using the internal CPU clock.