What is a mortar in war?

What is a mortar in war?

mortar, portable, short-barreled, muzzle-loading artillery piece that fires explosive projectiles at low velocities, short ranges, and high, arcing trajectories. The weapon is contrasted with larger artillery pieces, which fire at high velocities, long ranges, and low, direct trajectories.

What is a mortar strike?

Mortar Strike procedure sound. A fully automated Indirect-fire Weapon System. It can target, direct and adjust firing solutions for 120mm mortars. It acts as a force multiplier for small units that do not have heavy weapons support. In-game description.

Why is it called a mortar bomb?

A mortar is an artillery weapon which fires explosive shells. The shells are known as (mortar) bombs. They are called an indirect fire weapon because the bomb drops onto the target from above, rather than being aimed straight at it. Soldiers firing a mortar do not need to be able to see their target.

What is a mortar team?

A mortar crew consists of at least three members: the squad leader, gunner, and the assistant gunner. More members could be attached depending on manpower available. The mortar system has a large tube closed at the the bottom and attached to a base plate.

Is a mortar a cannon?

A cannon is basically an artillery gun which shoots on a flat trajectory. A mortar on the other hand fires on a steep trajectory. A howitzer falls somewhere between the two.

Why is it called a mortar?

The English word mortar derives from middle English morter, from old French mortier, from classical Latin mortarium, meaning, among several other usages, “receptacle for pounding” and “product of grinding or pounding”; perhaps related to Sanskrit “mrnati” – to crush, to bruise.

What were mortars used for ww1?

Mortars were among the very first gunpowder weapons, lobbing projectiles in arcs to fall down upon the enemy, as catapults and trebuchets did. This meant the gunners could hit targets who were out of sight and protected by terrain or defenses from the firepower of cannons and handguns.

What is a mortar in construction?

Mortar is yet another building material composed of cement, which in this case is mixed with fine sands and water, with lime added to improve the durability of the product. Adding water to this mix activates the cement so that it hardens, or cures, just as with concrete.

What is a mortar in the military?

A mortar is usually a simple, lightweight, man portable, muzzle-loaded weapon, consisting of a smooth-bore metal tube fixed to a base plate (to spread out the recoil) with a lightweight bipod mount and a sight. They launch explosive shells in high-arcing ballistic trajectories.

What does MLB war stand for?

The Official Site of Major League Baseball. Wins Above Replacement (WAR) Definition. WAR measures a player’s value in all facets of the game by deciphering how many more wins he’s worth than a replacement-level player at his same position (e.g., a Minor League replacement or a readily available fill-in free agent).

What was the name of the mortar used in WW1?

As a result, they developed a short-barreled rifled muzzle-loading mortar called the Minenwerfer. Heavily used during World War I, they were made in three sizes; 7.58 cm (2.98 in), 17 cm (6.7 in) and 25 cm (9.8 in). World War I also saw the introduction of the Stokes mortar.

What does War above replacement mean in baseball?

Wins Above Replacement. A player’s WAR value is claimed to be the number of additional wins his team has achieved above the number of expected team wins if that player were substituted with a replacement-level player: a player who may be added to the team for minimal cost and effort.