What is a render delegate?

What is a render delegate?

Hydra Render Delegates are bridges between the Hydra viewport and a renderer. They were created by Pixar as part of the Hydra renderer used in usdview . The Hydra Render Delegate system allows the ability to switch out the backend renderer for the viewport data in Hydra.

What is Scnnode?

A structural element of a scene graph, representing a position and transform in a 3D coordinate space, to which you can attach geometry, lights, cameras, or other displayable content.

What is SceneKit in IOS?

SceneKit is a high-level 3D graphics framework that helps you create 3D animated scenes and effects in your apps.

What is Hydra rendering?

Hydra is a project that started years ago as a high performance rendering engine that used OpenGL to image USD stages as fast a possible. OpenGL and USD. (next) —— Today, Hydra is an open source framework to transport live scene graph data to renderers.

What is USD Hydra?

Hydra is a powerful USD technology developed by Pixar. Designed to work with modern graphics cards, it can handle massive scale and allows Physically Based Rendering (PBR) lighting and shading. For artists, this means they can work faster and more accurately, as well as interact easily with vastly more geometry.

What is Hydra delegate?

This plug-in allows fast GPU or CPU accelerated viewport rendering on all OpenCL™ 1.2-capable hardware for the open source USD and Hydra system. You can build this plug-in as a USDView plug-in or as a Houdini plug-in. The platforms supported are: Windows®

What is Hydra viewport?

OpenGL and USD. (next) —— Today, Hydra is an open source framework to transport live scene graph data to renderers. If you integrate Hydra into this viewport, you have suddenly separate the concepts of scene graphs and renderers.

What is 3D USD?

Universal Scene Description (USD) is an easily extensible, open-source 3D scene description and file format developed by Pixar for content creation and interchange among different tools.

What language is ARKit written in?

The primary language of development is C#. ARKit development in Unity is done with the Unity ARKit plugin that wraps the ARKit SDK in C# scripts for easy access to all ARKit functions. SceneKit is Apple’s take on a 3D game engine for native iOS development and comes directly integrated with Xcode.

Does SceneKit use Metal?

It’s a low-level framework. Metal is implemented everywhere – in RealityKit, SceneKit, ARKit, CoreML, Vision, AVFoundation, etc. Metal combines functions similar to OpenGL and OpenCL under the hood of just one API. Of course, Metal can be used as a renderer for advanced 3D graphics.