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What is an EAP program at work?

What is an EAP program at work?

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a voluntary, work-based program that offers free and confidential assessments, short-term counseling, referrals, and follow-up services to employees who have personal and/or work-related problems.

Can retirees use EAP program?

You may access the Employee Assistance Program on-line at (company name AAFES) or through Retiree Self-Service at The EAP is always there for you – even if it’s in the middle of the night or on a holiday.

When did employee assistance programs start?

EAPs have their origins in the late 1930s, and were formed out of programs that dealt with occupational alcoholism. During a time when drinking on the job was the norm, people began to notice the effects it had on job performance and productivity.

What is EAP gov?

As a State of California employee, you and your eligible dependents have access to an Employee Assistance program (EAP). EAP is an assessment, short-term counseling, and referral service designed to provide you and your family with assistance in managing everyday concerns. …

Is EAP good?

Are Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) Effective? Research exists that demonstrates that EAPs are effective, although, the evidence is controversial. HR professionals experience both positive and negative word-of-mouth feedback from employees who have accessed their organizations’ EAP.

How many sessions does EAP cover?

Counseling typically lasts about three to six sessions. If a problem is more severe or requires longer-term treatment, most EAPs maintain a referral network that employees can access. In those cases, EAP counselors can identify and assess the situation to determine the best way to deal with the problem.

Are EAPs mandatory?

Is an Employee Assistance Program Mandatory? While there isn’t a universal requirement for employers to offer EAP access to their employees, these programs can be a valuable resource. A 2018 report from SHRM found that 78 percent of all employers were offering an EAP for their employees.

Why do companies offer employee assistance programs?

EAPs can help employers reduce absenteeism, workers’ compensation claims, health care costs, accidents and grievances. In addition, they can address safety and security issues, improve employee productivity and engagement, and reduce costs related to employee turnover.

Is EAP private?

Yes. Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services are confidential. All case records and information about services provided to employees by the EAP are maintained in the strictest confidence.

Who can use EAP?

An EAP, or employee assistance program, is a confidential, short term, counselling service for employees with personal difficulties that affect their work performance.

What does donceap stand for?

Department of the Navy Civilian Employee Assistance Program (DONCEAP) NRL employees and family members have access to free and voluntary employee assistance and work/life resources through DONCEAP.

How do I contact donceap?

Employees need only call 844-366-2327 from anywhere in the United States to receive immediate assistance, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can also obtain information and resources online at DONCEAP .

What are the benefits of being a donceap member?

NRL employees and family members have access to free and voluntary employee assistance and work/life resources through DONCEAP. Benefits include: Confidential assessment, referral and short-term consultation for any personal concern.