What is another way to say over the years?

What is another way to say over the years?

What is another word for over the years in?

throughout over
until the end of whole time
all the time during the course of
during the whole of end-to-end
from beginning to end of from end to end of

What’s another word for a bad time?

What is another word for bad time?

inconvenient time inopportune time
bad timing not the time

Is over the years a phrase?

Definition of over the years : during several/some/many years The camp has changed a lot over the years.

How do I say I have a bad time?

synonyms for have a bad time

  1. deteriorate.
  2. endure.
  3. experience.
  4. get.
  5. go through.
  6. hurt.
  7. undergo.
  8. ache.

What is a word for bad situation?

What is another word for bad situation?

quagmire predicament
no-win situation catastrophe
disaster hardship
adversity calamity
extremity distress

What does over the past years mean?

For the past years- the period duration is limited for the years that had just passed. over the past years—( over —it means, the length of period exceeds from the years that elapsed.)

What does over a year ago mean?

“Just over a year ago” means “A little more than a year ago”.

What does over the past year mean?

Over the past year could mean that it was spread out through the year. The stock market consistently rose over the past year. Over the past year in that sentence shows that the rise was – over the year.

What do you call someone who holds onto the past?

Nostalgia is reminiscing over the past and whilst not so commonly used as a noun there is a word nostalgic meaning “a person who displays nostalgia for something” and a nostalgist is “a person prone to nostalgia.

What is another word for tough time?

What is another word for hard time?

bad luck adversity
tough luck trouble
difficulty suffering
tribulation affliction
privation trial

What is a synonym for over the years?

Synonyms for over the years in include during, through, in, across, amidst, throughout, all along, during the course of, in the time of and over. Find more similar words at!

What is a synonym for bad?

Synonyms for bad include terrible, awful, dreadful, lousy, poor, atrocious, cheap, crummy, abysmal and horrible. Find more similar words at!

What is a good sentence for the word bad?

“The king was a bad man who would execute anyone who opposed him.” “In ancient times there lived a very bad and cruel man of extraordinary size, who ruled over every place and acted as he chose.” “Tim was a bad boy who refused to do as he was told.” “The milk is now bad after weeks of being left in the fridge.”

What is another word for bad first attempt?

1 falling short of a standard. a bad first attempt at making meat loaf resulted in a soggy, inedible mess. Synonyms for bad. bastard, bush, bush-league, crummy. (also crumby), deficient,