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What is data file in SQL?

What is data file in SQL?

At a minimum, every SQL Server database has two operating system files: a data file and a log file. Data files contain data and objects such as tables, indexes, stored procedures, and views. Log files contain the information that is required to recover all transactions in the database.

What are data types in database?

A data type is a description of the kind of data in a table column. Each database system recognises its own set of datatypes, although some are common to many. Typical examples will be Integer or Text.

What is file type in SQL Server?

A SQL Server database has three types of files: Primary Data File OR MDF File. Secondary data file OR NDF File. Log File OR LOG File.

What are the types of data files?

Top 6 Types of Data Files Used in any Information System | MIS

  • Data File Type # 1. Work File:
  • Data File Type # 2. Master File:
  • Data File Type # 3. Audit File:
  • Data File Type # 4. Transaction File:
  • Data File Type # 5. Back Up or Security File:
  • Data File Type # 6. History Files:

How many types of database files are there?

There are three types of database files in SQL Server: Primary data file. Every database has only one primary data file from which all other files in the database start. Locations of all data files in the database are recorded not only in the master database but also in the primary data file.

How many data types are there in SQL?

In MySQL there are three main data types: string, numeric, and date and time.

How many types of files are there in DBMS?

What are the type of files?

5 types of document files

  1. Portable document format (PDF) A PDF file is a common file type in many work environments.
  2. Word document (DOC and DOCX)
  3. Hypertext markup language (HTML and HTM)
  4. Microsoft excel spreadsheet file (XLS and XLSX)
  5. Text file (TXT)