What is evidence in an essay?

What is evidence in an essay?

It is presented to persuade readers, and used with powerful arguments in the texts or essays. It is factual information that helps the reader reach a conclusion and form an opinion about something. Evidence is given in research work, or is quoted in essays and thesis statements, but is paraphrased by the writer.

Where can we find evidence?

Books, journals, websites, newspapers, magazines, and documentary films are some of the most common sources of evidence for academic writing. Our handout on evaluating print sources will help you choose your print sources wisely, and the library has a tutorial on evaluating both print sources and websites.

How do you support a point?

(2) Examples and Illustrations: Give concrete details about who, where, when, what, how and why. Add interest, memorableness, besides proving or clarifying ideas. (3) Anecdotes: Stories that explain points you want to make. Keep them short and to the point.