What is Peter Cat famous for?

What is Peter Cat famous for?

Famous for “This phenomenally popular Kolkata institution is best known for its Iranian-style chelo kebabs (barbequed fingers of spiced, minced meat on buttered rice).”

Who is the owner of Peter Cat?

Mocambo was founded by his grandfather Shivji V. Kothari in the summer of 1956, and Peter Cat was started by Nitin in 1975.

Does Peter Cat serve alcohol?

No, Peter Cat does not serve alcohol.

What is Mocambo famous for?

This is an iconic restaurant of Kolkata, must try dishes here are Devilled Crab, Chicken Tetrazzini, Chicken Stroganoff, Baked Alaska & finally Fish Sizzler. Visited this place on numerous occasions.

Is alcohol served in Mocambo?

No, Mocambo does not serve alcohol.

Are restaurants serving alcohol in Kolkata?

Bars and restaurants in West Bengal have been allowed to serve alcohol at service areas of their licensed premises. According to an order issued by the state excise department, bars and restaurants have been allowed to serve alcohol at service areas of their licensed premises.

Who owns Barbq?

Rajiv Kothari
In spite of so many new restaurants opening, Bar-B-Q has managed to remain one of the best Chinese restaurants because of maintaining its consistency in the quality of food served,” says Rajiv Kothari, owner of BBQ.

Who is the owner of Mocambo?

Mr Siddharth Kothari
Mr Siddharth Kothari, owner of Mocambo, was.

Does Mocambo serve alcohol?

How many plates does Peter Cat Restaurant sell in a month?

Four years later, when he opened Peter Cat Restaurant, he introduced the chelo kabab in a slightly tweaked format, replacing the beef with mutton and chicken and skipping the raw eggs.“What started as a dozen plates per month has turned into 35,000 plates a month.”

Is Peter Cat a good place to eat?

I’m a regular customer of Peter Cat. I always found it nice with great taste of food. Their sizzling chicken, all kebab are awesome in taste. Recently I had been there after a long time. I found the taste has little bit degraded and the cleanliness was not there.

How did Calcutta get its first kebab?

In 1971, on a trip to Tehran, he was introduced to a local delicacy called chelo kebab. “The original dish was beef kababs served with raw eggs and butter mixed in rice, but I was determined to introduce this dish to Calcutta,” he says.