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What is protraction of the shoulder?

What is protraction of the shoulder?

During protraction, the scapulae move away from the spine as you round the upper back (thoracic spine). You protract by pushing your shoulders forward and spreading your scapulae across your back, trying to touch them in front of your chest. In retraction, the scapulae move towards the spine and towards each other.

Why is scapular protraction important?

Hence, when the scapula is in its ideal position, not only does it allow the shoulder joint to move smoothly, but it also provides stability to the shoulder joint, because the rotator cuff muscles will exert maximum strength on the glenohumeral joint6).

What does protraction mean in anatomy?

Medical Definition of protraction 1 : the act of moving an anatomical part forward. 2 : the state of being protracted especially : protrusion of the jaws.

What is shoulder adduction?

Shoulder adduction occurs when you move your arms towards the middle of the body. A normal range of movement for shoulder adduction is 30 to 50 degrees depending on flexibility and body composition.

What is the difference between plantar flexion and dorsiflexion?

Dorsiflexion and plantar flexion are movements at the ankle joint, which is a hinge joint. Lifting the front of the foot, so that the top of the foot moves toward the anterior leg is dorsiflexion, while lifting the heel of the foot from the ground or pointing the toes downward is plantar flexion.

What are the two characteristics of protraction?

What are two characteristics of protraction? An anterior movement of the bone. Movement along the transverse plane. What are the two articulations of the elbow joint?

How do I improve shoulder protraction?

The best way to improve shoulder protraction is to be mindful of your movements, and always make sure that the shoulders are protracted when performing these reaching movements. Standing upright, extend both arms straight out in front of you so that your hands are flat against the wall.

What are some examples of scapular protraction exercises?

Scapular Protraction Exercises. 1 Wall Plank. Standing upright, extend both arms straight out in front of you so that your hands are flat against the wall. Push through the wall so 2 The Sphinx. 3 Single-Arm Dumbbell Row.

Is the 1-arm DB row a lat or upper back exercise?

While there is scapular retraction happening (more on this below), I feel the 1-arm DB row is more of a lat exercise than it is an upper back exercise. I like to cue people to think about bringing their elbow toward their hip rather than straight up and down. However, none of this matters if your name is Matt Kroczaleski and you’re a beast:

Should the scapular retraction be pinned or adducted?

But lets discuss scapular retraction. A common cue used with the 1-arm DB Row is to retract (adduct) the scapulae (shoulder blade) and then to “pin” it there throughout the duration of the set. Like this: I believe this is wrong and goes against common shoulder joint mechanics.