What is regulation 23A?

What is regulation 23A?

Section 23A requires all covered transactions between a bank and its affiliate to be on terms and conditions consistent with safe and sound banking practices (Safety and Soundness Requirement ), subject to certain exemptions discussed below in Special Rules and Exemptions under Regulation W, and prohibits a bank from …

What are 23A covered transactions?

The definition of covered transaction in section 23A includes both a loan or extension of credit by a bank to an affiliate and a bank’s purchase of or investment in securities issued by an affiliate.

What is a Section 23A transactions with affiliates?

Section 23A (1) designates the types of companies that are affiliates of a bank; (2) specifies the types of transactions covered by the statute; (3) sets the quantitative limitations on a bank’s covered transactions with any single affiliate, and with all affiliates combined; and (4) sets forth collateral requirements …

Are all covered transactions subject to Reg W?

All such transactions are subject to the Safety and Soundness and Market Terms Requirements of Regulation W.

What is considered a covered transaction under section 23A because of the attribution rule?

Section 23A also has an attribution rule, which treats a transaction between a bank and a third party as a covered transaction if the proceeds of the transaction are used for the benefit of, or are transferred to, an affiliate of the bank.

Is collateral required for all 23A covered credit transactions?

Securities issued by an affiliate and low-quality assets are not acceptable collateral for any credit transaction with an affiliate. Section 23B requires that certain transactions, including all covered transactions, be on market terms and conditions (“Market Terms Requirement”).

What does the 23 amendment say?

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