What is RNP AR approach?

What is RNP AR approach?

RNP AR APCH is defined as an RNP approach procedure that requires a lateral TSE lower than the standard RNP values on any segment of the approach procedure. RNP approaches include capabilities that require special aircraft and aircrew authorization similar to category II/III ILS operations.

Does Queenstown airport have ILS?

ILS cannot be used at Queenstown due to the necessary curved approaches from east and west to enable following the 3.2 degree approach (glide) angle.

Is an RNP approach a precision approach?

RNP and RNP AR procedures al- low crews to fly approaches using internal and very accurate navigation tools, instead of traditionally using external guidance aids. They are non-precision approaches although they provide the crews with cues and procedures similar to those used on precision approaches.

What category is Queenstown airport?

Queenstown Airport (IATA: ZQN, ICAO: NZQN) is located in Frankton, Otago, New Zealand, and serves the resort town of Queenstown….

Queenstown Airport
Airport type Public
Owner Auckland Airport Corp, Queenstown Lakes District Council, Shareholders
Operator Queenstown Airport Corporation Ltd.

Who can fly RNP approaches?

A RNP APCH is designed to support most approach operations and any aircraft certified for RNP APCH with approved flight crews can fly any published RNP approach. A RNP AR APCH is designed for more demanding procedures that require specific authorisation.

What does the AR in RNP AR APCH mean?

Authorization Required
existing RNP-certified aircraft. • “AR” = “Authorization Required” – Similar to how CAT III Instrument Landing System (ILS) is approved by Civil. Aviation Authorities (CAA) – RNP AR APCH capabilities are available in a limited number of current.

What is a transition altitude Ta?

The transition altitude (TA) is the altitude above sea level at which aircraft change from the use of local barometer derived altitudes to the use of flight levels. When operating at or below the TA, aircraft altimeters are usually set to show the altitude above sea level.

Who owns Queenstown airport?

Queenstown Lakes District Council
QAC is governed by an independent Board of Directors and owned by two shareholders: 75.01% by the Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC); and. 24.99% by Auckland International Airport Limited (AIAL)

What does AR stand for in the RNP AR APCH?

What RNP is normally required for RNP AR approaches?

RNP refers to the level of performance required for a specific procedure or a specific airspace block. An RNP of 0.3 means the aircraft navigation system must be able to calculate its position to within a circle with a radius of 3 tenths of a NM.

What airlines fly out of Queenstown?


  • Air New Zealand. Air New Zealand is the national airline and flag carrier of New Zealand, offering regular domestic services to Queenstown from Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington as well as direct international se…
  • Jetstar.
  • Qantas Airways.
  • Virgin Australia.

Are all RNP approaches authorization required?

RNP Authorization Required ( AR ) Approach IAPs require authorization analogous to the Special Aircraft Authorization Required ( SAAR ) for Category II or III Instrument Landing System ( ILS ) procedures. GPS with WAAS can support RNP 0.3 and above.

What is RNP AR at Queenstown Airport?

Queenstown Airport’s RNP Authorisation Required (AR) approaches have a minimum value of 0.15. This allows RNP AR enabled aircraft to fly day or night on very precise paths through congested airspace, mountainous terrain, extreme weather and around noise sensitive areas with an accuracy of 280 metres.

What is an RNP AR approach?

RNP AR approaches provide an unprecedented level of flexibility in construction of approach procedures. These operations are RNAV procedures with a specified level of performance and capability. RNP AR approach procedures build upon the performance-based National Airspace System (NAS) concept. When RNP approaches replace

What is PBN at Queenstown Airport?

Airways introduced new flight routes based on PBN principles at Queenstown Airport in 2012 allowing aircraft to use this new GPS technology more efficiently, replacing the traditional point-to-point routes. Queenstown Airport’s RNP Authorisation Required (AR) approaches have a minimum value of 0.15.

What is it like to fly in Queenstown Airport?

Extensive domestic traffic as well as VFR tourist flights (fixed-wing and helicopter) make a busy, and sometimes very conjested airspace. Extensive pre-flight preparation is essential before flying in and out of Queenstown airport.