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What is SEL?

What is SEL?

SEL designs, manufactures, tests, and delivers custom protection, control, and metering panels as well as control cabinets and retrofit doors. SEL panels are supported by an unmatched warranty and extraordinary customer service.

What is the difference between the sel-734b and the sel-735 Power Quality Meter?

The SEL-734B provides advanced monitoring and control capabilities for applications such as three-phase capacitor bank control and feeder automation. The SEL-735 Power Quality and Revenue Meter is fully Class A-compliant to the IEC 61000-4-30 power quality standard.

What is the sel-3573?

The SEL-3573 provides the real-time performance needed for synchrophasor-based control schemes. Economically add serial ports to communications processors or computers, and provide secure Ethernet access to serial products.

What is the sel-3620 substation hardened SEL?

The substation-hardened SEL-3620 secures all Ethernet and serial communications between the enterprise and remote networks, and interoperates with existing business IT and control systems using Internet Protocol Security (IPsec). The SEL-3620 manages passwords for and secures access to relays and intelligent electronic devices (IEDs).