What is the conclusion of simple pendulum experiment?

What is the conclusion of simple pendulum experiment?

The surprising conclusion – the pendulum traverses a longer distance in a shorter time, than in a shorter distance, and its period is shorter. There are a number of reasons why Galileo thought that the period remains constant.

What is pendulum physics?

A pendulum is a body suspended from a fixed point so that it can swing back and forth under the influence of gravity. The time interval of a pendulum’s complete back-and-forth movement is constant.

How do you do a pendulum experiment?

Experiment One – Changing the Weight

  1. Take your string back about 40 – 50 cm.
  2. As you let it go, start the stop-watch, and count the number of oscillations in one minute.
  3. Repeat the experiment 5 times and calculate an average.
  4. Put another weight on the hook.
  5. Release the weight from exactly the same place.

How can the pendulum experiment be improved?

Improve the accuracy of a measurement of periodic time by: making timings by sighting the bob past a fixed reference point (called a fiducial point ) sighting the bob as it moves fastest past a reference point. The pendulum swings fastest at its lowest point and slowest at the top of each swing.

Is pendulum a periodic motion?

The massive object is affectionately referred to as the pendulum bob. When the bob is displaced from equilibrium and then released, it begins its back and forth vibration about its fixed equilibrium position. The motion is regular and repeating, an example of periodic motion.

Why do we use simple pendulum experiment?

OBJECTIVE: To measure the acceleration due to gravity using a simple pendulum. INTRODUCTION: If we suspend a mass at the end of a piece of string, we have a simple pendulum. Here, the to and fro motion represents a periodic motion used in times past to control the motion of grandfather and cuckoo clocks.

What are some errors that can occur in a pendulum experiment?

The sources of errors in a simple pendulum experiment are the following:

  • human errors comes in when measuring the period using a stopwatch.
  • instrument errors – using a digital stopwatch also introduce errors.
  • The arc angle also introduce errors.

What precautions should be taken during simple pendulum experiment?


  • The bob of pendulum should be displaced with a small angle.
  • The amplitude of the oscillation of a simple pendulum should be small.
  • Fans should be switched off to reduce the air resistance.
  • The simple pendulum should be oscillate in a vertical plane only.