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What is the gang gang hand sign?

What is the gang gang hand sign?

Each gang has a sign or symbol that is formed with hands and fingers. The sign is usually a number or symbol that represents the gang….Gang Hand Signs and Symbols.

Small “b” Small “b” CK “Crip Killer” Hand Sign CK “Crip Killer” Hand Sign
LP Hand Sign LP Hand Sign 13 Hand sign 13 Hand sign

What is the 6 gang sign?

The number 5 is commonly used by the Bloods, and the number 6 is used by the Crips. The up arrow through the 5 is showing respect to the Bloods while the down arrow through the 6 is showing disrespect to the Crips. To the right is an example of Crip graffiti.

What does a 4 hand sign mean?

The most common hand signal street cops will use between themselves is displaying four fingers (Code 4) which means they don’t need any help. If they did not respond with four fingers, I’d know the situation was escalating and the other officer might need immediate assistance.

What is the hand sign for Bloods?

Use your left middle finger to form the second “O.” Touch the tip of your middle finger to the first joint of your index finger (the “d”) to form the second “O.” Push the two “O’s” together to form the word Blood.

What does a Crip mean in a gang?

Community Revolution in Progress
In the most common version, the Crips started as an offshoot of the Black Panthers, the name CRIP an acronym for Community Revolution in Progress. The Crips gang was formed in 1971 by two people — Raymond Washington and Stanley Tookie Williams.

What does 5 mean for Bloods?

“Soo Woo,” which means “Bloods rule.” A greeting of “soo woo” is returned with the greeting of “woo” “Five” is a reference to a fellow UBN member.

What does 2 fingers up mean?

to do something rude as a way of showing you do not care what someone thinks. This is his way of sticking two fingers up at society. Synonyms and related words. To be cruel or unkind to someone.