What is the pus meaning?

What is the pus meaning?

Definition of pus : a thick, opaque, usually yellowish-white, fluid matter that is formed as part of an inflammatory response typically associated with an infection and is composed of exudate chiefly containing dead white blood cells (such as neutrophils), tissue debris, and pathogenic microorganisms (such as bacteria)

What does white creamy pus mean?

Pus is a thick, white substance that’s typically a sign of infection. The medical term for pus is purulent exudate. It is also sometimes called purulent drainage.

How do you use pus in a sentence?

Examples of ‘pus’ in a sentence pus

  1. Blood and pus thick as yellow cream erupted and dribbled down Pedar’s neck.
  2. Her eyeballs had shriveled further, and the sockets were oozing a thick pus.
  3. The pus comes out and a hole forms under which the lesion grows deeper.

Why do zits smell?

Over time, the pus pushes into the adjacent tissues and extrudes on the skin surface. Scar formation and disfigurement of the body are common with this type of acne. The comedones often occur in groups of three, and the cysts often contain purulent, foul-smelling material that is discharged on the skin surface.

Why does my pus smell like poop?

An abscessed tooth is a severe dental infection. It occurs when the pulp inside the tooth decays. This may lead to a bacterial infection, which can result in pain, swelling, and breath that smells like feces due to a buildup of pus.

What is the yellow liquid that comes out of a wound?

When you get a scrape or an abrasion, serous fluid (which contains serum) can be found at the healing site. Serous fluid, also known as serous exudate, is a yellow, transparent liquid that aids the healing process by providing a moist, nourishing environment for the skin to repair.

What is plural for pus?

Noun. pus m or f (plural puses)