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What is the story behind the chorus of the Hebrew slaves?

What is the story behind the chorus of the Hebrew slaves?

“Va, pensiero” (Italian: [ˈva penˈsjɛːro]), also known as the “Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves”, is a chorus from the opera Nabucco (1842) by Giuseppe Verdi. It recollects the period of Babylonian captivity after the loss of the First Temple in Jerusalem in 586 BCE.

What opera does a chorus of the Hebrew slaves?

In recent years, and especially during the COVID pandemic, the chorus of Hebrew slaves, “Va pensiero”, from Giuseppe Verdi’s opera Nabucco, written to a libretto by Temistocle Solera, has been performed often, live and on the internet.

Who composed the slaves chorus?

Giuseppe Verdi
Va, pensiero/Composers
This piece is from of Nabucco, an opera in four acts by Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi (1818-1901) to an Italian libretto by Temistocle Solera. It is also known by its Italian title “Va, Pensiro,” (Fly, My Thoughts).

Where is Nabucco performed?

Oper im Steinbruch
Verdi’s Nabucco to Be Performed at the “Oper im Steinbruch” in Summer 2022 – | Vienna International News.

Who wrote the opera Nabucco?

Temistocle Solera

Is Nabucco a good opera?

Whether for its tunes among the most popular in the repertoire or its political dismension (the Italians, at the time under the domination of the Austrians, see themself in the Hebrews enslaved by the Assyrians in the libretto), Nabucco is a particularly emblematic opera.

What is the story of the opera Nabucco?

Nabucco, King of Babylon, takes Jerusalem in his war with the Israelites – but his daughter Fenena loves the Israelite Ismaele. She releases their prisoners, leading her vengeful half-sister Abigaille to plot to take power. Nabucco declares himself a god and is struck by a bolt of lightning.

Why was Nabucco so popular?

Nabucco was a decisive moment in Verdi’s career: it symbolised a genuine renaissance and the start of a glory that would soon include its share of constraints when the famous “years of hardship” came along.

How long is the performance of Nabucco?

The performance lasts about 2 hours 50 minutes, including one interval.

Who wrote Nabucco?


Intrigue in Babylon: Verdi’s ‘Nabucco’ Nabucco, Giuseppe Verdi’s third opera, was his first, unqualified hit. It features an emotional chorus so closely linked to Verdi that it was spontaneously performed by the immense crowd at Verdi’s funeral, some 60 years after the opera was written.

What is the slaves Chorus in Nabucco?

The Slaves Chorus is a Highly Anticipated Part of the Opera Nabucco Mention the opera Nabucco to an opera lover and immediately thoughts and conversations will turn to Va pensiero – The Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves. It is performed during Act 3 and is a highly anticipated part of Nabucco.

What is the famous Coro del Nabucco called today?

The «Va, pensiero» Verdi chorus is also known as the famous coro del Nabucco. English speaking opera lovers often refer to it as «The Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves» from the opera Nabucco by composer Giuseppe Verdi. The original «Va, pensiero» lyrics were written in Italian by the Nabucco opera librettist, Temistocle Solera (1815 – 1878).

What is the name of the Hebrew slave song?

4. Va pensiero is Sometimes Called the Hebrew Slave Song. The Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves or Va pensiero, is a spectacular highlight when attending an opera performance of Giuseppe Verdi’s – Nabucco. Filled with devastating longing for a lost homeland, the opera chorus is based on an historical event.

What are the key ideas in the Hebrew slaves Chorus?

What are the Key Ideas in the Hebrew Slaves Chorus? The ‘ Va, pensiero ’ chorus is popularly known as The Hebrew Slaves Chorus. In the opera story, the Hebrew slaves have been exiled into a foreign land. The famous Verdi chorus is the voice of the people of Judah as they lament their lost freedom.