What is the verb to enjoy in French?

What is the verb to enjoy in French?

verb jouir
In order to say “to enjoy” in French, you’ll use the verb jouir.

Is Beach masculine or feminine in French?

The French word for ”beach” is plage, which is pronounced ”plahzh. ” French nouns always take a gender, and the gender of plage is feminine….

What is the meaning of Bonappetit?

good appetite
Definition of bon appétit : good appetite : enjoy your meal.

How do you say Beach in different languages?

In other languages beach

  • American English: beach /ˈbitʃ/
  • Arabic: شاطِئ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: praia.
  • Chinese: 海滩
  • Croatian: plaža.
  • Czech: pláž
  • Danish: strand.
  • Dutch: strand.

How do you say a fun day at the beach in French?

If you just want to say “a fun day at the beach” you would say “une bonne journée à la plage.”

How to dress when you go to the beach?

The principle of dressing decently, modestly and discreetly must be also applied when you go to the beach. Le principe de s’habiller décemment, avec pudeur et modestie, doit être appliqué, et même lorsque vous allez à la plage. You can easily go to the beach.

How do you say we went by car in French?

So to say “we went by car”, you would say on y est allé en voiture , because you’re not mentioning the specific place (or you can say on a pris la voiture ). Here are how to say some common holiday activities in French: faire le tour de… have a look round…

How do you say “Let’s go to the beach”?

In Spanish someone might say “vamos a la playa”, meaning “let’s go to the beach”. This is also the title of a 1999 EDM song which sounds very 1999. Meanwhile in Japanese you might say 「海に行きましょう」or “umi ni ikimashou” which is often translated as “let’s go to the beach”, but is more accurately “let’s go to the sea”.