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What is Ukc in shipping?

What is Ukc in shipping?

Under-keel clearance (UKC) is the term commonly used to define the distance between the lowest point on the ship’s keel (or hull) and the highest point on the channel bottom beneath the ship. UKC is equal to the minimum total water depth at the location of the ship minus the maximum dynamic draft of the ship.

What is static UKC?

Static UKC is the minimum clearance available between the deepest point on a vessel at rest in still water and the bottom. Static UKC = (Charted Depth of Water + Height of Tide) – (Static Deep Draft)

What is Ukc policy?

Traditionally, the (minimum) under keel clearance was calculated as one of the factors required to provide safe passage for a vessel. Once known, this would allow the most viable route to be planned taking into account a vessel’s size, draught and nature of cargo.

Does Shell own ships?

Shell operates ships through four companies: Shell Tankers (UK) Ltd., based in London; Shell Tankers BV, based in Rotterdam, Netherlands; Deutsche Shell Tanker GmbH in Hamburg, Germany, and Societe Maritime Shell of Paris. The company also controls a fleet of between 20 and 30 chartered oil tankers.

What is the importance of the ship’s Ukc under keel clearance in preparation of a voyage plan?

The safe under keel clearance should enable the ship to manoeuvre within an area so that no damage to the hull occurs that might happen due to the hull impact on the ground.

What is ballast in ship?

Ballast is extra weight added to a ship when it unloads its cargo – without it, the ship would pop out of the water like a cork and could become unstable. Prior to the 1880s, ships used solid ballast materials such as rocks and sand, which people had to shovel into and out of cargo holds.

What is dynamic Ukc?

Dynamic Under Keel Clearance UKC is the depth of water available underneath the vessel whilst it is underway, after allowing for the motions of the ship. DUKC® ensures every vessel has sufficient UKC for a safe transit, considering the environmental conditions during the voyage.

What is ships dynamic draft?

(UKC is a percentage of the Static Draft) The Dynamic Draft is the draft when the vessel is making way and subject to squat, sea and swell state and increase of draft due to heel when turning. There is no sea, swell, or appreciable list, so the dynamic draught is 11.8m.

What is the minimum allowable Ukc to maintain when passing the entire passage?

d. Minimum allowable UKC to maintain when passing entire passage is 3.50 meter (One Fathom Bank and Buffalo Rock), EXCEPT when passing EASTERN BANK, in the season of North-East Monsoon at the South China Sea, where Minimum allowable UKC to maintain is 4.00 meter.

Does Shell produce LNG?

We continue to invest in and operate two gas production and liquefaction businesses: Shell’s QGC onshore gas in Queensland and the Prelude floating liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility offshore of Western Australia.

What is a mud tank on a submarine?

The mud tank is a ballast compartment that fills with water to control the buoyancy of the sub.

Why is the UKC of a ship lower than required?

Traditionally, all the components are determined as fixed values which cause a greater UKC and, as a result, they decrease the ship’s draft more than it is needed. It causes the reduction of economic benefit of ports and shippers because ships carry less cargo.

What is under-keel clearance (UKC)?

The under-keel clearance (UKC) and thus the maximal draft of a manoeuvring ship determine safe movement. The size of UKC in ports is defined by maritime administration, port authorities or ship masters. Their interests in this field are contradictory.

What are the services provided by the shipping companies in Taiwan?

These services include international shipping and logistics, port container terminal operations, ship, and container rental services, and ship and container trading. The company is the only Taiwan-based carrier that has exclusive terminals Keelung, Taichung, and Kaohsiung.

Which is the largest international shipping company in the world?

Top 30 International Shipping Companies 1. A.P. Moller-Maersk Group. The A.P. Moller-Maersk Group is a Danish business conglomerate and the largest supply… 2. Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. (MSC). Mediterranean Shipping Company is a privately owned and global provider of… 3. China COSCO.