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What is uniFLOW used for?

What is uniFLOW used for?

uniFLOW is a software platform for all your print, scan and device management, designed to bring the full value of multi-functional printers, scan devices and large format printers to your organization.

What is uniFLOW printer?

uniFLOW can intelligently route print jobs to the next available printer in the event that the original and preferred printer breaks down. Print jobs can also be automatically routed to the most cost-efficient devices within the office (e.g. colour print jobs from desktop devices to larger multi-functional printers).

Is Canon uniFLOW free?

uniFLOW Online Express is a free and easy to install, secure cloud-based authentication, scanning and accounting solution suitable for organizations who do not wish to invest in or manage local servers.

Is uniFLOW owned by Canon?

Our products and services are available globally via Canon Inc. Canon and NT-ware work in close partnership to develop software solutions, with Canon Europe holding a 70% stake in NT-ware.

What is uniFLOW SmartClient software?

The uniFLOW SmartClient allows customers with a multi-site infrastructure to print securely and track and audit costs without any need for local print servers, even in remote locations with limited and unstable bandwidth. Implementing the uniFLOW SmartClient saves on initial investment for the server infrastructure.

What is a uniFLOW engine?

: an engine in which the steam or gas enters through admission valves at the ends of the cylinder and escapes through exhaust ports uncovered by the piston as it nears the end of its stroke.

How do I add a uniFLOW printer?

Installing the uniFlow Printer Client (Windows)

  1. Open the Software Center by searching it via the Windows Start menu.
  2. Click on “uniFLOW Client – ” and then in the bottom right click “Install”.
  3. The Uniflow Client will install silently in the background.

What is uniFLOW account?

uniFLOW Online provides cloud print management with various job submission pathways as well as comprehensive cloud scan management functionalities. Companies can track their print, scan and copy costs and export reports. A wide range of Canon MFP’s and SFP’s are supported via embedded applets.

What is uniFLOW SmartClient?

The uniFLOW SmartClient is a small client application installed on a user’s local PC which operates the print job management and processing.

Is uniFLOW safe?

With uniFLOW Online users are able to print confidential documents securely. Print jobs submitted using the uniFLOW SmartClient or Direct Secure Print stay within the local company network. All print jobs stay in a user’s personal secure print queue until the user authenticates at a device and releases them.

How does a uniflow steam engine work?

The uniflow type of steam engine uses steam that flows in one direction only in each half of the cylinder. Steam always enters at the hot ends of the cylinder and exhausts through ports at the cooler centre. By this means, the relative heating and cooling of the cylinder walls is reduced.

How do I print with uniuniflow?

uniFLOW allows users to print with authentication from wherever they’re working, they can print from their desktop PC, a host-based system such as SAP ®, or their compatible mobile phone. Regardless of how a print job is submitted, all users’ jobs will be held in their personal print queue until released with authentication.

What is uniflow secure mobile printing?

Users tend to have multiple identities in today’s mobile age, and uniFLOW supports that by allowing users to register each of their identities, such as email addresses or phone numbers, so that the uniFLOW system will recognize them, and allow them to print. uniFLOW Secure Mobile Printing also provides the option for guest printing.

How can uniflow help my business?

This makes uniFLOW a powerful software application with access controls that can help increase business productivity. uniFLOW allows users to print with authentication from wherever they’re working, they can print from their desktop PC, a host-based system such as SAP ®, or their compatible mobile phone.

What is a single-user print workflow?

In most instances a print workflow is “single-user” even though many working practices require print jobs to be delegated to other users or groups. uniFLOW´s delegation printing allows a user (the delegator) to share all their print jobs with selected users or groups (delegatee).