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What is XLogP?

What is XLogP?

What is XLOGP? The XLOGP method is developed by Dr. Renxiao Wang. It is an atom-additive method for calculating octanol/water partition coefficient (logP). It gives the logPvalue for a given compound by summing the contributions from component atoms and correction factors.

How is the value of a silver Gram calculated?

The total silver gram value is figured based on the spot price provided in the Silver Price text box. The current silver spot price is updated frequently during regular trading hours.

How are spot silver prices calculated?

The spot price of silver is calculated using the near term futures contract price. By near term, that may mean the front month contract or the nearest contract with the most volume. How often do spot silver prices change? The price of silver is constantly changing. The spot price of silver changes every few seconds during market hours.

What is the ask current silver price per ounce?

The Ask current Silver price per ounce is the current minimum price for a dealer to sell in the market. Dealers will offer to sell Silver to you for the ask price.