What kind of airsoft gun is the Walther P99?

What kind of airsoft gun is the Walther P99?

Walther P99 Blowback CO2 Powered 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun, Spare 15-Shot Magazine (Mag Only) 4.7 out of 5 stars 454 1 offer from $12.49

How many Walther p99dao pistols have the German police purchased?

The Walther P99Q has also been chosen as the new personal handgun for police, customs and border guard personnel (7,800 pistols). Germany: 41,000 P99DAO pistols purchased in 2005 for the North Rhine-Westphalia Police.

Where is the slide release on a Walther P99 pistol?

The first generation P99 pistols had a slide release at the left side of the frame while second generation guns may have optional ambidextrous slide stop release levers. Walther also took the opportunity to redesign the slide so the user could grip it more easily, and notably, change the proprietary accessory rail to a Weaver type.

What kind of ammo does a P99 shoot?

Compact versions of the P99 available in the 3 preceding action types marketed as the: The P99RAM is a training and simulation pistol, equipped with a CO 2 blow-back system. It fires low-cost Paint- and Rubberball ammunition in caliber .43 in (11 mm).

What is the P99 as?

As the first pistol equipped with a firing pin lock, the P99 AS combines the advantages of the traditional Double Action System with Single Action Anti-Stress trigger. SAVE UP TO $50 ON YOUR ONLINE ORDER TODAY!

What is the trigger travel on a P99?

The trigger travel is .551″” long in the anti-stress mode (at 4.4 lbs. trigger force), preventing inadvertent firing. On all subsequent shots, the trigger travel is reduced to .314″” (at the same trigger force) and this permits firing in rapid sequence, due to the quick reset of the P99 trigger.

What is the best holster clip for a Walther P99?

LimbSaver CrossTech Compact Holster Clip On Polyme… ProMag Walther P99 Magazine 9mm Luger 15 Rounds St… Walther P99 15 Round Magazine 9mm Steel Matte Blac… Walther PPQ M2 10 Round Magazine .45ACP Steel Blac… UTG PRO +0 Base Pad, Walther PPQ 9/40, Matte Black…