What kind of lights can you put in a drop ceiling?

What kind of lights can you put in a drop ceiling?

There are two types of drop ceiling lights: recessed fluorescent and LED troffer lights. Recessed fluorescent and LED troffers are a very popular choice for many commercial and industrial applications because they provide powerful, even lighting to any amount of space without causing eye fatigue or strain.

How do you suspend a fluorescent light fixture?

Use a small-link chain to suspend the fixture from screw-in hooks or eyelets. Otherwise, hold the fixture against the ceiling in the designated mounting location. Drill your holes into the ceiling and the studs or, if using toggle bolts, just through the ceiling. Screw the fixture to the ceiling.

How do you upgrade a drop ceiling light?

3 Ways to Retrofit Drop Ceiling Lighting

  1. Change the LED Fluorescent Lamps to T5 or T8 LED Tubes.
  2. Update the Lighting Fixtures to LED Troffer Lighting.
  3. Replace the Fluorescent Troffer with an LED Panel Light.

How do fluorescent lights hang?

Most fluorescent lights simply snap into place with a gentle push on either end. According to Exceptional Electric, the diffuser screen may be held on with clips, slide on from the side or hang from a lip on either side of the hanging fluorescent light fixture. Some may also be attached with small screws.

How do you hang something on a suspended ceiling?

How to Hang Things From Ceiling Tile

  1. Lift two side-by-side tiles.
  2. Raise two neighboring tiles.
  3. Bend a paperclip into a Z shape.
  4. Hoist a ceiling panel.
  5. Purchase clips designed specifically for hanging things from dropped-ceiling framework.
  6. Use twist ties or double-sided tape for hanging lightweight items.

Can you hang a chandelier from a suspended ceiling?

Things You’ll Need Yet, by using the structural members of the home that the suspended ceiling is connected to, you can hang a chandelier and create the impression that it’s suspended from the drop ceiling itself.

Can you hang pendant lights from drop ceiling?

Pendant light fixtures hang from the ceiling, which is one reason why they are so popular. Regardless of the method used to suspend the light, adjusting the length is as easy as cutting the tubing or wire used to suspend it from the ceiling to the desired length.

What can I use to replace fluorescent lights?

Replacement choices include pendant lighting, flush-mount ceiling fixtures, track lighting, monorail lighting, potrack lighting and more. You can even skip the ceiling-mounted light and instead install a couple of wall sconces.

What is the difference between led drop and led suspended ceiling lights?

LED drop ceiling lights provide a more balanced foot candle in the area below. LED troffer lights are dimmable. LED suspended ceiling lights have a much longer lifespan which means that the lights need to be replaced less frequently than other types.

What are the different sizes of suspended ceiling light fixtures?

Both types of suspended ceiling light fixtures typically come in three different sizes, 1 foot by 4 foot (1×4), 2 foot by 2 foot (2×2) and 2 foot by 4 foot (2×4). These variable sizes allow for flexible installation in ceiling grids and T-bars.

What size of drop ceiling lighting panel do I Need?

The right size of drop ceiling lighting panel for the application will depend on the size of the space and how widespread the light beam needs to be for proper illumination. Troffer drop ceiling lights are designed in two basic versions depending on their ceiling fit — recessed grid mount and surface mount.

What is a DropDrop ceiling light fixture?

Drop ceiling light fixtures are square or rectangular in shape and are used to illuminate indoor spaces that placed in what are typically referred to as drop ceilings, T-bar ceilings, grid ceilings or suspended ceilings.