What major events happened in 2014?

What major events happened in 2014?

Ten Most Significant World Events in 2014

  • Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Disappears.
  • Scotland Votes to Remain Part of the United Kingdom.
  • Eurozone Economies Falter—Again.
  • Pro-Democracy Protests Erupt in Hong Kong.
  • Narendra Modi Wins in India.
  • Negotiations on Iran’s Nuclear Program Stall.
  • Oil Prices Crash.

What was happening June 2015?

Gunman Kills Dozens at Beach Resort in Tunisia (June 26): A gunman, identified as 23-year-old Seifeddine Rezgui, opens fire at the Port El Kantaoui resort, killing 38 tourists. It is the second attack on tourists in Tunisia in three months. In March, at attack on the National Bardo Museum in Tunis killed 22 people.

What were the major events in the Civil War?

Civil War Timeline. March 16 and 19-21, 1865- The Battles of Averasborough and Bentonville, North Carolina. Sherman’s army is stalled in its drive northward from Fayetteville but succeeds in passing around the Confederate forces toward its object of Raleigh. March 25, 1865- Attack on Fort Stedman, Petersburg, Virginia.

What happened on March 14th in the Civil War?

March 14 – USS Mississippi runs aground near Port Hudson. The ship’s crew scuttles the vessel in order to keep it from falling into Confederate hands March 24/25 – Union amphibious expedition skirmishes with Confederates, Steele’s Bayou, Mississippi

What happened on July 30th in the Civil War?

Civil War Timeline. July 30, 1864- The Battle of the Crater at Petersburg, Virginia. After a month of tunneling by soldiers of the 48th Pennsylvania Infantry, a massive mine was exploded under a Confederate fort in the Petersburg siege lines. The infantry charge that followed was poorly coordinated and by day’s end,…

What major events happened in 1864 in the United States?

September 29-30, 1864- Battle of Fort Harrison near Richmond, Virginia. In a sweeping assault, the Confederate stronghold known as Fort Harrison falls to the Army of the James. Confederate efforts to retake the fort fail. October 19, 1864- The Battle of Cedar Creek, Virginia.