What percentage does Platos Closet give you?

What percentage does Platos Closet give you?

If they buy your clothes, it will usually be around 30 – 40% of the price you bought them at. They sell your clothes for 70% off retail prices, so in order to make a profit, they don’t want to spend much to buy them.

Does Plato’s Closet buy off brand?

At Plato’s Closet®, you’ll find a huge selection of trendy designer styles as well as those every day basics you can’t live without — all at up to 70% off mall retail prices! We buy gently used teen and young adult clothes, shoes and accessories that are in good condition — no stains.

How does Plato’s Closet decide what to take?

Plato’s closet is very strict about the clothes they will purchase. Which means when deciding what clothes to sell there are two things you should keep in mind. One, your clothes MUST be gently used. That means no stains, holes, fading, or excessive wear.

Does Plato’s Closet take Old Navy clothes?

At Plato’s Closet, we buy and sell gently used clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories for guys and girls in their teens and twenties. We have all the name brands and styles you love at up to 70% less than regular retail prices. We look for brands such as Nike, American Eagle, Lululemon, Old Navy and more.

Does Plato’s Closet Buy Old Navy clothes?

Does Platos Closet buy Shein?

Sell us any of your gently used Shein and watch for our Shein drop!

Does Plato’s Closet buy backpacks?

We also accept shoes, purses, backpacks, jewelry, and hats! We purchase all seasons, all year round so you can bring us last years styles or items you’re done wearing for the season. If you have any questions about what we do accept, give us a call!

Why does Platos Closet need your ID?

Pro tip – When you’re taking your items to Plato’s Closet, make sure you bring a photo ID with you. The store will need it in order to pay you for your items. If you’re unsure about what to bring in, it’s always best to call the store first and see if they’re currently looking for something in particular.