What school does Jane Gallagher go to?

What school does Jane Gallagher go to?

Jane received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the Bertolon School of Business at Salem State University.

What does Mr Antolini represent?

He represents education not as a path of conformity but as a means for Holden to develop his unique voice and to find the ideas that are most appropriate to him. When Mr. Antolini touches Holden’s forehead as he sleeps, he may overstep a boundary in his display of concern and affection.

What does Holden say about phonies?

Holden characterizes “phonies” as people who are dishonest or fake about who they really are, or people who play a part just to fit into a society that Holden questions. Therefore, Holden hates “phonies” because they represent everything he fears or fights against, such as adulthood, conformity, and commercialism.

What do the ice skates symbolize in Catcher in the Rye?

Almost every time somebody gives me a present, it ends up making me sad” (Salinger 51-52). This shows that the ice skates symbolize his disconnection with his parents. Also the fact that he wanted racing skates it shows that he is a soloist. It shows that he likes being free but feels lost without his family.

How is Holden Caulfield a phony?

1. Based on definition number one, Holden Caulfield is a phony because when he introduces himself to people he does not know, he gives himself a different name as well as tells them false stories of his life and past. Hence, him being “fake” and “not real.”

How tall is Holden Catcher in the Rye?

Holden is very much a character of contradiction; at seventeen years of age, he is six feet two-and-a-half inches (189 cm) tall, and already has some grey hair – though he himself admits that he sometimes acts more like a 13-year-old than an adult.

What is the storyline of Catcher in the Rye?

The Catcher in the Rye, novel by J.D. Salinger published in 1951. The novel details two days in the life of 16-year-old Holden Caulfield after he has been expelled from prep school. Confused and disillusioned, Holden searches for truth and rails against the “phoniness” of the adult world.

How is Holden Caulfield a hypocrite?

Holden Caulfield is a hypocrite because he is constantly putting people into boxes, claiming that they are phony; this has caused him to become extremely isolated from others, so he thirsts for intimacy from strangers. A hypocrite is a person who has certain beliefs, attitudes or feelings, but does not abide by them.

Why does Holden’s mind now revert to Jane?

Why does his mind now revert to Jane at the beginning of Chapter 11? Because he likes her a lot and she is one of the few people who Holden views as innocent and not phony. What is implied in Holden’s criticism of Ernie?