What size are Corvette rally wheels?

What size are Corvette rally wheels?

The 32 Series Corvette Rallye wheel is the legendary rally wheel from the late sixties, and one of the most popular wheels ever produced. Wheel Vintiques offers the 32 Series Corvette Rally Wheels in brilliant show chrome finish in sizes from 15×4″ to 15×10″.

Do you want heavier wheels for rally?

Rally cars need some serious equipment to stay in one piece during competition. In addition to beefed-up tires, competitors need heavy-duty wheels to make sure a car doesn’t get stranded out in the field.

What size tires come on a Corvette?

2017 Chevy Corvette
Rim Size Tire Sizes Chevy Corvette Options
Front: 18 Rear: 19 Front: 245-40-18 Rear: 285-35-19 Stingray
Front: 19 Rear: 20 Front: 285-30-19 Rear: 335-25-20 Front: 245-35-19 Rear: 285-30-20 Grand SportStingray w/Z51 Performance Pkg.Z06

What tires do Rally cars use?

For dry and damp ground, crews will be able to count on the performance and versatility of the MICHELIN Pilot Sport R S and MICHELIN Pilot Sport R SS (S = soft compound / SS = super soft). Their size is the same as that of the tyres used by the World Rally Cars (235/40R18, equivalent to 20/65-18).

Why do rally cars use skinny tires?

Rally tires are in an entirely different league when it comes to taking a hit. Here’s how they work. In order to cut through gravel and latch onto loose surfaces, rally tires have a much softer compound and fat tread blocks useful for digging in and grabbing onto whatever’s under the car.

Do rally cars have thin tires?

They are extremely narrow (almost half the width of the gravel tire) and are equipped with large studs or spikes, virtually giving the cars more traction that a gravel tire on a dirt road. Without these specially built tires, there wouldn’t be the speed and reliability you see in races these days.

How wide is a 345 tire?

345/30R19 tires have a diameter of 27.1″, a section width of 13.6″, and a wheel diameter of 19″. The circumference is 85.2″ and they have 743 revolutions per mile. Generally they are approved to be mounted on 11.5-12.5″ wide wheels.

What tire is on the 2021 Corvette?

Michelin Pilot Sport All
For reference, the 2021 Chevy Corvette C8 Stingray is equipped as standard with Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 performance run-flat tires, sized at 245/35R19 in front and 305/30R20 in the rear.

What makes a good rally tire?

They all have very thick sidewalls, making them extremely rigid and able to take the constant battering that comes with rally (think of it like a 15” run flat tire). The other feature they all have in common are larger, chunkier tread blocks (similar to an off-road truck tire).

What is the size of a Rallye wheel on a corvette?

For 1968, the Corvette came with AG code Rallye wheels, which measured 15×7 inches with 3-3/4 inches of backspacing. Chevrolet introduced the AZ code Corvette Rallye wheel in 1969, a 15×8 with 4 inches of backspacing. It was used on many 1969 through 1982 Corvettes.

What is the bolt pattern on a Chevy Rallye wheel?

We offer Chevy Rallye wheels in Silver powder coat and chrome finishes. All 14 and 15-inch Rallyes feature a direct fit bolt pattern. The 16, 17 and 18-inch Rallye wheels feature dual bolt patterns (5×4.5 and 5×4.75 patterns). With sizes ranging from 14×5 to 18×8 inches, there are lots of options.

When did the Chevy Rallye wheel come out?

Chevrolet introduced the AZ code Corvette Rallye wheel in 1969, a 15×8 with 4 inches of backspacing. It was used on many 1969 through 1982 Corvettes. While these wheels quickly became the most common of all Chevy Rallye wheels, they can also be some of the most valuable, if the date codes fit some of the more desireable 1969 through 1972 Corvettes.

Do Chevy rallye wheels have trim rings?

Fully dressed, the Chevrolet Rallye wheel offers a stylish appearance to complement any car from the muscle car era. While some vehicles equipped with Rallye wheels did not have trim rings, the bright finish of a polished stainless steel trim ring gives the appearance of a chrome rim. Center caps are interchangable on all Chevy Rallye wheels.