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What size is a Chapstick label?

What size is a Chapstick label?

The lip balm sheets label is designed for a standard 0.15 oz tube with a height of 67mm and diameter of 16mm.

What is the circumference of a chapstick?

The main body is a simple cylindrical tube that holds the semi-solid lib balm. It is approximately 1 ½ inches in length and ½ inch in diameter.

Does Avery have a lip balm label?

Lip Balm Label Templates from Avery Easily create your own lip balm labels using our free label templates. We have a variety of designs for all your lip balm containers. Once you’ve personalized your lip balm label template, simply apply the same design to your other products.

How do you make lip gloss?

You can easily make your own lip gloss with a few household ingredients, such as Vaseline and a little lipstick or blush. Simply mix 2 tablespoons of Vaseline with a teaspoon of lipstick, a bit of blush, or even some beet root powder for color.

What are the benefits of using lip balm?

4 benefits of using lip balm

  • Your skin heals faster. The skin on your lips is thinner than your facial skin.
  • You avoid the embarrassment of chapped lips If you’ve ever experienced chapped, peeling and cracked lips, you will know exactly how embarrassing it is.
  • They’ll appear suppler.
  • Contains SPF protection too.

How much ChapStick is in a tube?

They hold about 0.15 ounces of lip balm.

Is there a free ChapStick label template?

This Free Chapstick Label Template You can save the file for free. Now you are able to create high-quality blank templates for your business, organization, or link utilizing our exceptional templates.

What to do with a chapstick holder?

These chapstick holders show how beautiful and various they can be. Let your imagination take the upper hand and create something praiseworthy. It can be monogrammed or personalized with the letter of your name or the person you are giving it to. The template will help you understand the plan in a more lucid way.

Can I use the same lip balm label template for other products?

The best part is, you can carry the same design across a variety of labels, tags, tickets and cards to give all your products or special events the same look and feel. Once you’ve personalized your lip balm label template, simply apply the same design to your other products. It’s that easy.

How to hang Chapstick from a purse or wallet?

With a wrist strap attached to the holder, you can hang it from your purse or wallet. You can opt for color coordination for the wrist strap and the chapstick holder.