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What size tyres does a Suzuki Swift take?

What size tyres does a Suzuki Swift take?

The most popular tyre sizes for the Suzuki Swift are: 185/55R16. 175/65R15.

What tyres does Suzuki Swift have?

Some of the best recommended Suzuki tyre options for the Swift are the Pirelli P7 tyres and the Goodyear NCT5 tyres. The Swift incidentally is factory fitted with the Dunlop SP Sport Maxx tyres. All these tyres offer precise steering feedback and enhance the ride characteristics of the Swift.

What size tires are on a Suzuki?

Suzuki Tires and Wheels Application Chart

King Quad 400 4×4, 08-16(F) 25x8x12 10×1.25mm
King Quad 400 4×4, 08-16 (R) 25x12x12 10×1.25mm
LTR-450 2WD, 06-08 (F) 20x6x10 10×1.25mm
LTR-450 2WD, 06-08 (R) 18x10x8 10×1.25mm

What stud pattern is a Suzuki Swift?

Suzuki: Swift, Sport & GT (5/114.3), 2006 Onwards Check offset.

Which tyre is best for Suzuki Swift?

Suzuki Swift 1.5 Tyres

Tyre Reviewed Dry Grip Wet Grip
Goodyear UltraGrip 9 (35) 84% 90%
Hankook Ventus V2 Concept (11) 87% 80%
Kumho Ecsta PS31 (46) 83% 80%
Marshal KH35 (12) 83% 76%

What is the TYRE pressure for a Suzuki Swift?

This tyre placard recommends a minimum tyre pressure of 32psi for the Suzuki Swift. This is equal to 220kPa and 2.2bar.

Which TYRE is best for Suzuki Swift?

What size tires are on a 2012 Suzuki SX4?

P205/50R17 (Sport SE · Technology)
P195/65R15 (LE · Base Sedan · LE Popular)P205/60R16 (Premium · Technology Value Package)
2012 Suzuki SX4/Tire size

How are ATV tires size?

ATV tire explaination: ATV tires are listed in a set of three numbers, generally separated by dashes (25-10-12), or by an ‘x’ (25x10x12) or a combination of the two: 1st Number = The overall tire height when inflated (Ex. 25×10-12 is 25″ tall). 2nd Number = The overall tire width when inflated (Ex.

Which tyre is best for Swift?

5 Recommended Tyres For Swift

Tyre Brand and Model Tyre Type Tyre Size
CEAT Milaze X3 Tubeless 165/80 R14
Goodyear Assurance Duraplus 2 Tubeless 165/80 R14
Apollo Amazer 4G Life Tubeless 165/80 R14
Bridgestone S- Series S248 Tubeless 165/80 R14

What is the tyre pressure for 2012 Suzuki Swift?

Suzuki Swift 2012

Front Tire Size Front Tire Pressure Rear Tire Pressure
185/55/R16 V 88 37 PSI/2.6 Bar 32 PSI/2.2 Bar