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What type of plane is a Boeing 777?

What type of plane is a Boeing 777?

The 777 is a low-wing twinjet; the original -200 is the shortest variant. The Boeing 777, commonly referred to as the Triple Seven, is an American long-range wide-body airliner developed and manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. It is the world’s largest twinjet.

When did the Boeing 7N7 make its first flight?

The 7N7 made its Farnborough Airshow debut in 1982 as the 757-200. United Airlines provided input for the proposed 727-300, which Boeing was poised to launch in late 1975, but lost interest after examining development studies for the 7N7.

What is a Boeing 757?

The Boeing 757 is an American narrow-body airliner that was designed and built by Boeing Commercial Airplanes . The then-named 7N7, a twinjet successor for the 727 (a trijet ), received its first orders in August 1978. The prototype completed its maiden flight on February 19, 1982 and it was FAA certified on December 21, 1982.

What is the Boeing 7E7 Dreamliner?

The new jetliner was the first stage of a replacement aircraft initiative called the Boeing Yellowstone Project. Customers embraced the 7E7, later renamed 787 Dreamliner, and within two years it had become the fastest-selling airliner in the company’s history.

What is the range of a Boeing 777-8?

It was launched in November 2013 with two variants: the 777-8 and the 777-9. The 777-8 provides seating for 384 passengers and has a range of 8,730 nmi (16,170 km) while the 777-9 has seating for 426 passengers and a range of over 7,285 nmi (13,500 km).

What is the fifth hull loss of the Boeing 777?

The fifth hull loss occurred on July 17, 2014, when a 777-200ER, bound for Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam as Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (MH17), broke up in mid-air and crashed after being hit by an anti-aircraft missile. All 298 people (283 passengers and 15 crew) on board were killed, making this the deadliest crash involving the Boeing 777.

How many seats are in a Boeing 777 first class?

The original 777 interior, also known as the Boeing Signature Interior, features curved panels, larger overhead bins, and indirect lighting. Seating options range from four to six–abreast in first class up to ten–abreast in economy.